Gucci + Miu Miu |

May 25, 2017


Gucci pants from
Miu Miu purse from
Zara sheer glitter top
M. Gemi shoes

Rainy in London. Rainy in New York City. Some things just follow you wherever you go. But I don’t mind the rain too much. It just means more warm drinks to enjoy in the afternoon. Not only that, but the weather inspires me in interesting ways. The gloomy sky gets me going in the opposite direction of its natural color scheme. In this case, that direction came in the form of fancy pants by Gucci from A pair that also leans generously towards the word “quirky”. The quirkier the better when it comes to pants nowadays. It can be easy for a pair of trousers to feel too corporate and plain, but a fun pattern or bold print can change that feeling in an instant. Look what they made me do in the middle of street in a sophisticated part of London! I’m super into color mixing and matching, and especially so with salmon pink tones like the one on this Miu Miu patent leather satchel, which I also got on What a find! These pants and purse might not seem like the most complementary of options, especially on a rainy day in London Town, but they felt just right for me. We checked into Claridge’s this day, one of the fanciest, and oldest hotel in all of London. My pants certainly didn’t match the wall paper or carpet patterning and let’s just say that I turned heads in these pants when I walked in through the revolving door . . . but that’s exactly the point right? I got a head nod from the bell boy; that’s all that mattered really. Hello London, this is me! xx

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