A Curious Stroll Through the West Village

May 31, 2017


Ariane Elmy denim top
Ulla Johnson pants

These pictures were taken on one of New York City’s warmer days a few weeks ago. A delightful surprise after days of rain. The city seemed to sparkle in a special way this particular Thursday. It just happened to be perfect timing that I met up with Swedish photographer Rebecka Rynefelt to shoot some spring looks in the city. The sun already had me in a chipper mood, and I think it really came across in these photos. I was head over heels happy to be out and about in my city. Free from the restraints of a jacket. Even my pants were loose fitting to a T. The streets of the West Village were busy and bustling on Bleecker streets, but we found solace in the quiet side streets that seemed worlds away from what was just around the corner. I love finding pockets of peacefulness like this in the middle of what is basically chaos. And NYC in general is as close as one can get to chaos. So finding even a minute or two of what feels like being the only person left in the world is priceless. The trees sparkled green just for me it seemed. The stoops, freshly sunburnt, seemed grander and more escalated in their early-twentieth century glory. The West Village has an old soul, you can see it in its structure, which has been preserved and very much in tact. It’s quite unlike any other part of the city. Whenever I take a stroll around these treelined neighborhoods, it’s like taking a million steps back in time. Maybe a little bit too back in fact. I did indeed go to the lengths of googling the most haunted places in all of NYC last week, and I came across the building of 14 West 10th Street. Google it. And then regret it right after. Haha. And then I wondered, did we shoot on that street for this shoot? Mmmm, maybeeee. Or at least we were definitely close by. Creepy stories. Happy stories. A bunch of things in between. NYC sure has got a lot of them. This day was by far a happy one in my Ariane Elmy denim top, one of the most unique pieces in my closet right now. How far out is the back strap detailing? And, of course, my favorite Ulla Jonhnson pants. The wider the pant leg, the better. That’s my motto. 

Photos by Rebecka Rynefelt

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