June 14, 2017


One Teaspoon top
Alpha Omega skirt
Reformation waist tie

Just wanted to take a second to say how grateful I am for the blank slates that we allow ourselves to have when needed. Sometimes life moves in direction where new chapters are inevitable. It doesn’t mean erasing the past or letting go a part of yourself fully. Mostly it just means giving something new a shot. Giving yourself a new means for inspiration and something to spark that motivation again. It means taking everything you learned in the past and applying it to the future. It means laying aside the unnecessary to make room for unexpected surprises, whatever they may be. I’m in this blank canvas state of mind right now. The summer season has just begun with a whopping 96 degrees in NYC. Change is here and change is good. I’ll be moving neighborhoods by the end of next month. And I’m looking forward to having my boyfriend back in town and back by my side in a few months. With my upcoming move, I’m already slowly getting rid of the material things in my apartment so that my mind and body feel less cluttered. Already I am feeling better. And super excited for things to come. Step by step . . . this blank slate won’t be so blank anymore. But a new one will be ready to be filled right afterwards. With what? I have yet to find out. But knowing that I don’t know . . . that is exactly the magic of it all. 

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