Candy Colored Boy

June 19, 2017


Veda leather jacket
Sandro top
Yune Ho pants from ANTHOM
Miu Miu creepers
Miu Miu purse from

This outfit is a bit inappropriate given the weather we are having right now. Rainy. Yes. Humid. YES. Leather jackets are sort of our of the picture in this muggy NYC weather. But since Natalie and I will be heading back to London middle of July, I thought I’d at least show a forgotten outfit from my last trip from London. The one thing I love the most about London street style is how tomboy and masculine it is. Or at least touches of it here and there, depending on where you are in the city. These trousers by Yune Ho felt just right with my punky creepers by Miu Miu. I hardly wear them in NYC, but they felt right at home on London soil. I was playing with stripes in different direction with this look, pulled together with a hues of light pink to balance out the boyishness. Millennial Pink is finally having a moment, even thought I’ve loved it forever. And on this day in particular I gave it a swing in my favorite form . . . the classic leather jacket. Happy Monday ya’ll. More to come this week.  

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