Summer Sweetness

June 27, 2017


Kenneth Cole swimsuit
Sezane velvet pants and shoes
Zimmermann hair wrap

The end of June is quickly approaching. I don’t know why, but I have this sad feeling like summer is already slipping away, even though it actually just started. Which is why I’ve been trying to work in a bathing suit into my everyday as often as I can. To keep that sparkling, lethargically stunning, endless summer feeling there as long as I can. It’s a trick that works. I’m currently in Hawaii (working remotely at 6am in the morning when I wake up, and after 9:30pm when I’m already in bed). I can get used to this slow yet productive life I’ve been living these past few days. Last weekend in Montauk felt the same, but without the summer sun. I still wore the swimsuit though, as you can see. With velvet pants to balance everything all out. Our stay at the Surf Lodge was short and sweet, thanks to Grey Goose who hosted my friends and I for the weekend. A sleepy weekend that felt just right. A sleepy weekend that I wish could extend into infinity and beyond. A sleep weekend that makes me feel both young and old at the same time. That summer sweetness. I’ve been capturing more and more on my Instax these past few travels. They are little reminders to live in the moment and keep the act of overthinking on the back burner. It relaxes me more to know that pre-planning really is not needed as much as we thought it is. It gives me a sense of ease about my actions. It keeps me from pondering too much about the next thing, or what has happened before. Summer should be exactly like an Instax photo. Or a roll of film to be developed later. It should be a surprise. Something unexpected but in its own way just right. Summer should be only that feeling of here and now. From the top of your head, to the tips of your toes. Happy summer lovelies. Talk soon. 

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