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July 2017

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July 31, 2017


Tommy Hilfiger dress
Dear Frances shoes

Nothing like home sweet home. A place to rest my head at night, after a long train ride home. Soon I will be saying goodbye to a place that has been my home sweet home for three years. For me, that place is Bushwick. A size heavy apartment that made up for the fact that it had thin walls, a creaky staircase and a broken stove (that my landlord took two years to fix). I’ll miss the epic bakery and deli right next door, literally attached to my building. I’ll miss my favorite burger spot, AP Cafe, right off the Jefferson stop. I’ll even miss the gritty corners and every other imperfect corner of my stop. And yes, I think I will miss that heavy sigh of relief after finally getting home after a longer than normal commute home at night. Because no matter what, no matter where, home feels like home when you are finally tucked in bed at night. Excited to make a new home soon . . . a real home, and in a more adult state of mind. I will always be thankful for my time in Bushwick, a significant part of my NYC process and growth. I wouldn’t be the same without the extra long subway rides (especially when the L was malfunctioning), Spanish music blasting from the 24 hour delis and the Chinese laundryman who folded my clothes oh so perfectly. Bushwick, in it’s own little way, was a part of my NYC hustle. And I hustled my entire way through (that’s the non glamorous side you don’t often see of my life). That subway sweat and tired feet, not matter what, felt worth it at the end of the day. I still subwayed my way home and didn’t complain an ounce, because I got to wake up going to a job that I loved and truly cared about.That’s the real NYC. I love you, and I know I’ll visit you again Bushwick. 

It was perfect timing that I got to spend an afternoon at Jonathan Adler and Simon Donnan’s Shelter Island home for a summer brunch to celebrate his collaboration with Clinique. Man, did his home blow me away with its 70’s-modern aesthetic that very much reminded me of a summer house in Venice, California. It’s tones were warm and rustic, and every piece of furniture had a distinct shape to it. I felt like I was walking into a very chic playhouse. Certain pieces oversized in cartoonish ways. Others subtle and slight. It was an array of texture play and color coordinating that made me feel so at home. It’s a house one would never be bored living in. And the ocean right in the backyard. The view of the home from the back was very zen feeling, minimal and rectangular. Japanese in a way that felt complementary to the peaceful and simple Shelter Island lifestyle. I left the island with fresh perspective on home decor. This home is a true example that there are no limits when it comes to creating the space you live in. I felt inspired to take bits of Jonathan Adler’s home to apply to my own that I will be creating very, very soon. 

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Shady Lady

July 29, 2017


Tory Burch sunglasses from Sunglass Hut, paid for by Sunglass Hut & Refinery29 

I recently attended an event at the Sunglass Hut store in Miami on Lincoln Road to discover some fresh new sunglasses styles. There was an array of styles that I were drawn to because of their classic sophistication, a style that I am reverting back to after investing usually in overly trendy styles. Today, I am looking for longevity with the sunglasses I wear . . . pairs that I will see myself wearing years from now, and that I imagine Old Hollywood stars wearing in the past. This pair by Tory Burch felt exactly that. Dramatic yet understated at the same time. A balance that can be hard to find with a pair of black sunglasses. The slight bend at the edges creates a subtle, rounded cat eye look, and the arched detailing at the top of the frame is just the modern touch I was looking for. In a way, this pair is a new version of Audrey’s sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I threw on my most glamorous dress that could still sustain the Miami heat. Just in time for a glass of rosé  before heading out into the Miami night. Being a sophisticated lady is easy at Sunglass Hut. What’s your favorite classic pair with a modern twist?

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A Uniform Blue

July 26, 2017


Superdry top and skirt
Old Navy blazer
Dear Frances sandals

Here I go again with the blue blazer action. This blazer is probably the cheapest thing in my closet, but I’m drawn to it the most because of so many reasons. Lightweight and bold, it’s probably one of the greatest additions to my transitional summer wardrobe. It broke up the light denim here in the exact way it needed to be broken. It’s my version of suit dressing right now. This suit effect is one of my favorite fashion hacks . . . the making of a suit look with slightly mismatching pieces. My blazer isn’t denim at all; closer to linen in fact. But paired with a denim skirt it gives the illusion of a power suit. And powerful it feels. It added just the right amount of boxiness and color contrast that my outfit was in need of. The blue door behind me agrees. I borrowed my sister’s shoes this day, and daaaaanngggg did I find myself in coordinate heaven. Now I’m looking for all types of ways to fake the suit look with what’s currently in my closet. Let’s see what I can come up with next. 

Shop some of my favorite blue blazer from Farfetch here:



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Raymond Weil x Repetto

July 21, 2017


Raymond Weil Shine Etoile watch
Raymond Weil Repetto leather watch strap
Reformation tunic

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the Raymond Weil team at their office for an introduction to the brand, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the craftmanship of watchmaking. It was also the launch of a brand new collab, one of the first collaborations of its type that the brand has done, with Repetto shoes. I grew up very into ballet flats, and they really were the foundation of my personal style in my younger years, and very much so still today. Inspired, of course, by the drama and elegance of a prima ballerina, the ballet flat is timeless. I think bringing the influence of ballet, French leather and classic watchmaking is such a unique and modern move. And I feel that the woman of today aligns herself in a way with a ballerina’s aesthetic. As women, we have so much power, but we also have so much grace. It’s a balance that makes us unique and beautiful. And also, just as important, we are as headstrong and determined as men, maybe even more so. The classic watch, a reliable accessory in the wardrobe of a man, is making its way into that of a woman’s. This time, it’s just more graceful and elegant than ever before. To celebrate the collaboration, we had a picnic in Central Park, and I busted out a few of my ballerina moves that I remembered from my dance lessons as a young girl. I still had quite a few in me, although slightly rusty, of course. Cheers to Raymond Weil for presenting such a a gorgeous collaboration at the start of a gorgeous summer to complement it. Here I am wearing the Raymond Weil Shine Etoile watch with diamonds encrusted around the face. What I love about this watch is how easy it is to change the straps. The baby pink Repetto Leather Straps were my choice for the day because it complemented the coral hue in my look. I was so inspired by the colors of summer, as well as the refined movements of a well trained ballerina, and I somehow brought them all together this way. A look, and day, made complete with Raymond Weil.

Shop more Raymond Weil “Shine” watches that I love:


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