How I Revamped My Old Vintage Dress

July 11, 2017


Vintage dress
VEDA bandeau
Marida Jewelry earrings

For me, the summer season is always about bringing out the vintage dresses that I have collected over the years. Many are from my Philadelphia days, when I would regularly dig through the boxes of the Fishtown vintage warehouse. I did a lot of digging back in the day. And never paid over $15 for a piece. Those were the good old days. But now look at me, full blown summer mode in NYC, and I have no idea what to wear. Really my clothing rack is full, but for some reason . . . everything feels old. So that gave me an idea for a refresher. This slinky little black dress is perfect for the weather right now, but I felt like it needed something extra for it to be worn out again. I had this little bright red bandeau from VEDA. I was feeling some Caribbean vibes from it, and it matched perfectly with the red flower pops on the dress.  Instantly, my well worn vintage dress that I probably paid $5 for 6 years ago feels brand new again. Now I have no reason to get rid of any of my vintage. There is always a way to recreate it, even with one little touch. 

Lacking a bandeau in your wardrobe? Try a long printed or colored scarf and wrap it around. You will get the same effect. 

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