Honolua Bay

July 12, 2017


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My friend Deborah is from Oahu, but has made many trips to Maui. She put together a list of places we should visit during our trip. Sadly, many of the places she recommended were on the Road to Hana or in Hana itself, which is on the entire opposite side of the island, which we didn’t have time to hit up. Next time! We drove up the west side of the coast in search of the beautiful and hidden Chutes and Ladders Tidepool, but for some reason couldn’t seem to find it all. We didn’t have wifi in the area, so we turned around and headed back to the one place we passed earlier on the way that had cars parked outside, and went to do some exploring. We found ourselves at Honolua Bay, a popular snorkeling bay. To get there, you had to spend a few minutes walking through a lush, hidden forest off the side of the main road. We were very occupied with oggling over the super cute chicklets following their momma around the green. The west side of Maui is the drier, less wet side, so I was actually quite shocked to find myself in this forest, full of green, that seemed more tropical. Photographing the intricacies of tropical forests is my favorite on adventure trips. It brought back memories of when I trekked through the rainforests of Puerto Rico one time. So, you can be sure that I had a lot of fun at this place. This place was a hidden gem. It was a blessing in disguise that we couldn’t find the Chutes and Ladders Tidepool, for it would have been a pretty steep hike to get to anyways, something much harder to tackle with our parents with us. Sometimes the best things happen by accident. At Honolua Bay, we watched the funny chickens running around like they owned the place, sat on large rocks, enjoyed the view of the bay and the snorkelers, and got to enjoy a little oasis away from the resort life of West Maui. Make sure it wear water shoes if you decide to go in, it’s super rocky!

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