Shoreditch For The Day

July 20, 2017


Rebecca Taylor pants
Zara smock bandeau
Old Navy blazer
ASKA sandals
Argento Vivo earrings
Bally purse

Sorry for the slight little radio silence on the blog this week since I’ve been shooting with my sister in London all week for a brand, and I have been having issues with links do to my being oversees. I wanted to share at least a little bit of London with you guys before I get back on American soil. Shoreditch has always been my favorite part of London, because of its grittiness and edge (and hipster dive bars with a plethora of craft beer). It’s where I imagine where types like Alexa Chung first came to find their personal style, taste in music and creative influence. Brick Lane, where once can find a good bowl of curry at just about any storefront. Shoreditch is a reliable treasure trove for the vintage denim wearing crowd. Something that it can also indeed be made fun of when trekking through crowds of young, good looking and grungy looking twenty somethings. But it seems to have grown up a bit since the last time I’ve visited. Red Church Street full of chic boutiques and restaurants for those looking for a fine culinary experience without the nose in the air vibe found in other more posh spots of London. It’s laid back and cool and haphazard and random in the best possible way. I can’t really ask for more out of a neighborhood. So here I am back in London, wearing my favorite blazer at the moment. I’m not ashamed to say that this baby is Old Navy and goes with everything. I also wore it everyday whilst here in London. I was committed to traveling light this trip, so this one blazer made the cut. 


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