Raymond Weil x Repetto

July 21, 2017


Raymond Weil Shine Etoile watch
Raymond Weil Repetto leather watch strap
Reformation tunic

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the Raymond Weil team at their office for an introduction to the brand, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the craftmanship of watchmaking. It was also the launch of a brand new collab, one of the first collaborations of its type that the brand has done, with Repetto shoes. I grew up very into ballet flats, and they really were the foundation of my personal style in my younger years, and very much so still today. Inspired, of course, by the drama and elegance of a prima ballerina, the ballet flat is timeless. I think bringing the influence of ballet, French leather and classic watchmaking is such a unique and modern move. And I feel that the woman of today aligns herself in a way with a ballerina’s aesthetic. As women, we have so much power, but we also have so much grace. It’s a balance that makes us unique and beautiful. And also, just as important, we are as headstrong and determined as men, maybe even more so. The classic watch, a reliable accessory in the wardrobe of a man, is making its way into that of a woman’s. This time, it’s just more graceful and elegant than ever before. To celebrate the collaboration, we had a picnic in Central Park, and I busted out a few of my ballerina moves that I remembered from my dance lessons as a young girl. I still had quite a few in me, although slightly rusty, of course. Cheers to Raymond Weil for presenting such a a gorgeous collaboration at the start of a gorgeous summer to complement it. Here I am wearing the Raymond Weil Shine Etoile watch with diamonds encrusted around the face. What I love about this watch is how easy it is to change the straps. The baby pink Repetto Leather Straps were my choice for the day because it complemented the coral hue in my look. I was so inspired by the colors of summer, as well as the refined movements of a well trained ballerina, and I somehow brought them all together this way. A look, and day, made complete with Raymond Weil.

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