Miss American Stripes

August 7, 2017


Tommy Hilfiger jacket and pants
Sezane tee
Gigi Barcelona sunglasses

Maaaannnn, is all the difference made when you feel good in a power outfit. It’s like the end of an exhilarating high intensity class. Or a sweaty hot yoga session. You feel strong and unconquerable. This matching candy colored stripe set has been an impeccable boost to my spirit this week. I am no longer turning down confidence boosters. This one is here to stay. Right in time to turn around those end of summer feeling of blues, and ready to transition into fall. My approach to dressing these past few weeks have changed a bit due to my living situation. My entire apartment is packed up, and I have just a few outfits and pieces left out hanging on a rack for the last few days before my move. I’ve been making it a challenge for myself to get dressed everyday with just a limited few key pieces for the week. I found that I chose mostly stand out pieces to mix and match with this week, including this matching jacket and pants set. I figured that since I’d be so busy getting things ready for my move in-between work meetings and appointments, that my life required a few outfits that were bold in their statements yet easy to be transitioned from one thing to the next, whatever they may be. Outfits that spoke loud, but needed no extra time spent on my part contemplating their wearability. I found exactly that balance in this Tommy Hilfiger look. A suit so non-uptight, it might just break Wall Street. A suit with so much personality, I might just shun dresses from my wardrobe going forward. Just kidding on that last one, but hey . . . maybe. 

Here we are, Monday again. So much to get done this week, my head is spinning. I’m THIS close to moving into my new place in Dumbo, where I will have so much more to share from. As for now . . . back on the run I go. 

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