Another Twist on the Suit

August 8, 2017


Old Navy blazer
Zara bandeau
Ace & Jig pants
Dear Frances mules
Bally purse

And my unconventional suit obsession continues. This blazer in particular being the culprit of it all. In this particular situation, these bohemian meets pajama-esque pants take to the London city streets in a whole new way. A simple belt, sexy bandeau (thanks Zara sale!) and boyish blazer. Ta-daaahhhh. How is it that as time goes one, I keep leaning towards the pants in most situations? Even when its something fancy I have to go to, I prefer to wear the pants. haha. That is such a political thing now. Women wearing the pants. It goes much farther than a fashion statement. It’s about equality. It’s about independent women. It’s about a woman who can do a job just as good as, or even better than, a man. Even when it comes to relationships in this modern day and age, women are less and less afraid of being the one wearing the pants in the relationship. I sure as heck want my man to wear pants, but I also don’t mind being the one to wear them at the same time . . . it’s all about that balance. It’s all about that freedom to say and do what we mean. In the 80’s, women were all about the shoulder pads and the loud eyeshadow and the power suits and the big hair . . . they were really coming onto something great. A style and look that today has been reinterpreted physically (much easier on the eyes now), but containing of a foundation that still rings true . . . the fact that women cannot be ignored. Today we don’t need as much eye makeup thank goodness to obtain that, but we still have a lot of work to do. I mean look at who is wearing the presidential pants of our country. But we can all start by manning up and wear the pants in our own ways today. The world needs as much confidence and strength as we can right now to make it to where we got to be. Like I just said, the pants are much less about a fashion statement. It’s more about the strides they allow us to take to get to where we all need and deserve to be. But looking good on our way there, well that definitely still counts in my book.

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