Let the Skirt do the Talking

August 14, 2017


VEDA skirt
Few Moda top
Senso shoes

I’m letting the skirt do the talking because I’m far too busy at the moment to take on the task. But hey hey . . . you are looking at a brand new resident of Dumbo! All moved in. Partially unpacked. Still soooooo much to do to make my place feel like home. The adventure begins now. Because of the craziness of so-called-life, I’ve been drawn towards simpler outfitting. Mostly because my mind is elsewhere, partially to save time, and always to feel chic. On this morning in particular, I was late running to a 9:30am meeting in Soho. I had no time to do my hair, or apply anything more than a swipe of eyeliner. It was pouring rain, the most torrential that I have seen in months, and I forgot an umbrella, of course. I got SOAKED running a few blocks to the corner deli to get an umbrella, which happened to be broken. It did nothing for me against the rain. BUT thankfully I dried right on time, and ended up not looking like the hottest of messes for my meeting. The one great thing about taking the L train from Bushwick was how the commute time translated into drying time. haha. I’ll be better prepared next time. 

Back to the clothes. Basics with a twist. A denim mini skirt in two-tone blue. A button front menswear top with exaggerated sleeves. Penny loafers with a slingback. These are the pieces I see myself wearing the most this upcoming fall. Rain or shine. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Now that I’m closer to getting settled in my new place, I’ll have lots to share very soon!

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