The Lady Wore Stripes

August 30, 2017


Vintage blazer
Rebecca Minkoff tee
Hudson Jeans flares
Kenneth Cole sunglasses
ASKA sandals
Salar bag
Cadette earrings

Masculine dressing has turned into my security blanket. Its as if all of a sudden, I felt like my vulnerability increased when my dressing felt too refined, too feminine. This has been a theme of mind since girlhood. One of my main fashion inspirations ever was Sally from When Harry Met Sally. Her strolls through the park in her boyish blazers and straight cut pants made me long for intellectual conversations in the streets of New York City. I longed for a wardrobe that was tough, but a mindset that was romantic AF. A fantastic duo. For as long as I had both, I could accomplish anything. That’s how I felt. That’s how I feel. I’ve been collecting blazers since middle school. Many didn’t make their way east coast with me when I moved here. A leave behind that I fully regret today, but has been made up by the fact that this vintage striped wool blazer exists. Basically the exact style that ACNE just came out with. Now I just need a matching pair of vintage pants. Give ACNE a little run for their money (I love you ACNE, but come on I paid $10 bucks for this blazer in mint condition, after the peer pressure of a friend). A blazer so studious in its stripes, it makes a patent leather skirt and bandeau top look smart. A blazer cut so perfectly box shaped, it brings a regality to a pair of verging on hippie flares. This blazer fits the mentality of NYC so much, and the idea that I had of NYC before I even moved here, that it seems like fate that it found its way into my hands. It’s moments like this when fashion seems to come full circle. A puzzle piece mostly put together, but with a whole lot more of the game left to play. I’m ready for fall, can’t you tell? 

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