Anna Sui Loves INC

September 5, 2017

When Natalie and I found out that we had the chance to be a part of Anna Sui’s upcoming collaboration with INC International Concepts, a brand created for Macy’s, we jumped at the opportunity! When I was in high school, I remember coming across a picture from an Anna Sui runway show. It was exactly in that moment that my adoration for the designer and the way she viewed the world through clothing began. I grew to love fashion purely because of Anna Sui. And even better yet, I learned so much about fashion and its musical went hand in hand because of her work. I learn to love one as much as the other because of Anna’s rock and roll heart. It beat through every single collection she creates. You feel it in the fringe, you see it in the print, you hear it in the metallic crush of fabric as it rubs against you on the dance floor. 

What I loved most about Anna, and what I felt the most inspired by, was how she always stayed so true to herself with her creations. Her brand definitely grew and reinvented with each collection, but always in the most subtle of ways. No matter what, it felt distinctly her. Her voice was in every fiber, and that was something so special. Her clothes are made for those who strive to hold onto their individuality, and express it to the world. To me, she was the greatest, but also for some reason I felt that she one of the most underrated of designers. Her name always rang a bell, but most didn’t know what exactly she was all about. With Anna, it’s always about the mood of the music influencing the way we tackle the art of dressing ourselves. It’s about time that Anna Sui be viewed by an even greater audience with her collection for INC International Concepts. She sparked my creativity in my younger years, and very much so today still. I look forward to seeing that same spark with a new set of Anna Sui fans with this new INC International Concepts collection.

This collection is a well-done mix of previous Anna Sui collections. The best thing about Anna Sui is how distinct her style and eye are. When I look at this collection, I feel her aesthetic in every way. No corners cut. They could basically be straight off the NYFW runway. The quality and design is exactly on point, which I applaud Macys for. Heavy patterns and her famous metallic sheen. Fringe for days that move and sway. Only Anna could make a sporty trouser work in the best way with a star-printed fringe blouse. Only Anna can come up with the concept in the first place! Natalie rocked the denim mules, I did the velvet heels. The heels in a color so warm and earthy, the idea of Anna’s flower child roots is inescapable. All I want to do is dance to the Velvet Underground and feel the world like Janis Joplin in this collection. Natalie wants to do the same. Basically, this collection was made for us. And we are so excited to show you guys a peek of it right now 🙂 #SuarezSister style. 


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