Blue Diesel

September 18, 2017


AG Jeans jumpsuit
AG Jeans turtleneck
ASKA mules
Alexis Bittar earrings

Amping a casual, tomboy look is my favorite fashion statement at the moment. I’ve been looking for a reason to bring these red hot mules out again for the fall, and it looks like I found a match made in heaven. This jumpsuit is verges towards that of a car repairman, and that is all the reason why it feels so right. But I was looking to bring something more to it. Something that still felt daytime and casual, yet far from boring. The chillier weather has been calling for my turtlenecks. The layering on its own created a whole new dynamic. The only thing missing was some color. Instantly, the mules added some fire to the look. A boyish jumpsuit made sexy in a hot second. I’ve found so many ways to intensify a simpler look with these shoes. Maybe I’ll share more 🙂

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