Life of the Party Pants

October 1, 2017


ASOS top
Karen Walker pants
Etro purse

I’ve been cleaning out my closet again, and the only pieces I feel the most attached to are my pants. I’m all about pants for fall. For winter. For spring. For summer. Every season calls for a reason to wear pants. And being 5’11”, I find much delight in the fact that they just make me seem even taller than I am. Especially with heels on. A dramatic lady on stilts. Bold pants bring character and personality to a basic tee all on their own. The resurgence of the oversized blazer this season is followed by the standout pant to match. And I like that I can choose to wear them together or separately, like I do here. I love dressing like a boy that fell into a rainbow. Rainbow Boy.

Milan content coming soon, I promise. I’m currently getting ready for my two day trip upstate to the Catskills with my man. No wifi. Just a little cabin, a bottle full of wine and an epic sky full of stars. I can’t wait! 

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