Tones of the Seventies

October 6, 2017


Coach leather jacket
M Missoni pants
Isabel Marant Etoile bag
Frye mules

I wasn’t lying when I told you I got too caught up on That 70’s Show in the past. This Coach leather jacket was the foundation of this look, and if it was transformed into a song . . . it would be MY song of the season. A folksy, autumnal song of the blues. How nice does that sound? The subways still feel warm and humid; full of hot heat leftover from summer that gets my grumpy and tired. And then all of a sudden, I step outside and feel that cold rush. It’s a little surprise that never gets old. This season has already started on an awfully good foot. A trip to Milan. My birthday. A trip to the Catskills. It feels almost funny to have my feet on NYC soil because I get so used to being elsewhere. Yesterday, for example, I really wished I was still upstate in the Catskills sleeping in our forest bed. But really, at the end of the day, I feel oh so lucky to be able to come back home to my quiet little side of the mostly busy Dumbo neighborhood, and just melt into the simple furnishings of my home. Knowing that the rest of the city is as buzzing as can be, and that I have total and complete control over how I decide to spend my days. It’s a comforting feeling. Home is a comforting feeling. And it always has me. And I always have it. But in the fall, it especially feels like we were meant to have each other. 

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