An Italian Affair

October 22, 2017


M Missoni dress
Lacoste coat from Spring
AGL shoes
Zero UV sunglasses

Knit metallics are kind of my thing this season. And no one does them better than the Italian do. M Missoni in particular. This little knit dress is as sweet as gelato; as sexy as what being in Italy feels like. Being in Milan inspired me to up my glam factor on the daily. Even in just the littlest way, like with a pair of bright white sunglasses. Fitting in? Why there is no such thing in Milan! The motto is standing out. I saw that in the way that the people of this city dressed, walked, gestured and spoke. Business men in suits had peeks of bare ankle. A colorful piece of fabric sticking out of their pockets. The women in sunglasses extra oversized. Drenched in rings and earrings and necklaces. There was always something extra there. Even the sky was bluer than I have ever seen. Just look at these photos. Nothing more blue. Milan was full of that extra glimmer that I promised myself that I would take home with me. To infuse into my everyday. So much of me is looking forward to hopefully spending next summer in Italy, road tripping along the coast. Getting bronzed and sun kissed. Leaving a little bit of my own glimmer and glam behind along every route and with every bite of pasta. Without the care of lipstick being on my teeth or tomato sauce on my shirt. I indeed had a bit of a love affair with this city and I see it extending far beyond it. I am by no means Italian, but the Italian way of life sure does mean something to me 🙂 

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