Fendi During Milan Fashion Week

October 23, 2017


Fendi dress, purse and sunglasses
Marskinryyppy shoes

And finally, the reason why Natalie and I were in Milan last month. FENDI. We got to go backstage and take over the Fendi Instagram account for the day. And best of all, we got to be decked out from head to toe in a beautiful Fendi outfit. What I love most about Fendi’s aesthetic is how it combines both elegance and strength all in one. The attention to detail with tailoring is fantastic. Every piece’s angles are exquisite. Every little seam. Every little pleat. It’s feminine take on menswear that is so refined in its art and so delicate in its beauty. It’s made for a powerful woman. And that feeling of wearing something like that, well, it feels like magic. My dress’ shoulder pad detailing was a significant part of this classic silhouette. It gave it a woman-in-charge factor that felt very right on the streets of Milan. The pleats in the front, bursting upwards like sunshine. The sporty cuffs gave this piece an edge. It could be worn with sneakers, but here I chose to to go with my fuchsia pumps after the show was over. A bold color for a bold dress.

It was fun being backstage and watching the geometry of the outfits in action as hair was fixed and makeup was touched up, and photographer went crazy with their flashes over Bella and Gigi Hadid. THIS IS FASHION. And I got a peek of Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour having a conversation right before the show started. Now that is all I needed for the ultimate Milan Fashion Week day to be complete. I am such a fan of Fendi, and the what it brings to the female form. Power dressing is like second nature to many women now. Fendi just makes it an extra special event every time we get dressed.

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