A Getaway with Swell

October 26, 2017

You really don’t know how important it is to escape until you just get on the road and drive a few hours out. No looking back. At least for a few days. Thanks to the generosity of Swell, my boyfriend Gabi and I were able to have a special night away from the city. It was a very nostalgic trip, for our very first trip together when we first started dating was a weekend in Saugerties, a town exactly in between the Catskills and Woodstock. It was one of the most refreshing weekends of that summer; maybe that year. I really have a soft spot for Upstate New York. It’s quaint and spacious. A whole lot of endless green. Sleepy in the most beautiful way. It’s a whole new world up there. It’s a place where you can give the trees a chance to talk to you. The breeze to sing to you. The sunset to grab you around the waist and swirl you around until you gently fall into an early and deep sleep. The loveliest thing about the Catskills, is how early everything closes once the sun goes down. Especially in the fall and winter. The quiet is the perfect reason to come prepared to spend lots of time with yourself and the person/s you happen to be with. A book in tow. Marshmallows by the fire you just built yourself. A film on the laptop. Cooking a simple meal for dinner on the hot plate. Coffee in our Swell cups in the morning. Wine in them in the evening. Hiking a new trail a local tells you about. But mostly, lots of conversation. Even just the act of being together doing nothing at all can feel like the sweetest escape. It’s sometimes all our minds need in this crazy world we live in. Gabi and watched the sun go down right when we arrived at our beautifully minimal Getaway House trailer. We took a nap in the bed, platformed right beside the full wall window that faced the sun going down behind the trees. It was as if as the sun went down, my past month’s stresses disappeared right alongside it on the other side of the glass window. That window was a picture of serenity. A snapshot meant to be save to later be brought forward when my mind starts to go a million miles a second. Our two days in the Catskills was all about just that. Slowing down to what feels like a million hours per second. Now isn’t that a nice thought? 

Thank you Swell and Getaway House for making our two days upstate as perfect as can be. 


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