Powering Through

October 30, 2017


Storets blazer
Each Other t-shirt
Long Tall Sally pants
By Far boots
STATE backpack

It seems like these days have been rolling right into the next with hardly a second to breathe. I’m up to my neck with deadlines, while at the same time I am experimenting with new editing styles and new ways to shoot. And just new ways to express myself in general. I’ve been letting my boyfriend’s taste in creativity rub off on me, and it’s been really putting me in a mood to experiment. The ideas definitely keep me up all night. Trying to be innovative while at the same time trying to sustain is a balancing act I am still in the process of learning. It’s something that most likely will never be perfected, but it is exactly that that motivates me the most. The challenge of it. And the eventual reward. Even when it means hardly any sleep at all. The task of learning becomes a goal itself, one that you can never stop working towards. Because there is no real end to learning. And there never should be.

So here I am, coming out of a weekend where I mostly worked (from the comfort of my own bed at least). I’ve been powering through, and there sure is a lot to get through between the work I do for my sister and for myself. But even with the work overload we give to each other to get done what needs to get done, she is still always the rock that keeps me going when I think I’m about to give up. We are a team. We may not always be the most perfect team. But in a way we are the best team. Sometimes there are days where its frustrating working with my sister, my best friend, the person who knows me the best. The closeness can be the brightest light or the darkest dark, depending on the hour. Haha. But it is that closeness that is so fitting to what we do on here. The creativity that we are able to bring out in each other because of how comfortable we are together, well, that is the real thing. And that real thing is the real goal. That is the reason I power on. To reach that real thing. And on those days when I feel my energy waning or my shoulder slumping a bit more than they should, I just throw on a pair of power shoulders to fake it. Sometimes faking it ignites the real thing.

And I’ve been loving mixing grey textures recently. How about you? Fitting for the weather we’ve been having in NYC lately. 

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