Simplicity is Key

November 1, 2017


Sabrina SL earrings

After moving into a new home, starting from scratch decor-wise, and taking my time putting my new place all together, I sure do know the importance of simplicity. I’ve rid my space of so much since first moving in, and it’s been a few months since then. I’ve gotten so used to the simplistic nature of my home. Cleaner walls. More open space. Less clutter. Right now, we have just the basics and that feels like enough for me. Soon the plants will come, the extra accent pieces, maybe a new rug. Slowly but surely. It’s been hard enough settling on the right dining table! Still waiting to find the right one. But you know what, the high chairs around my kitchen area seem to be just enough right now. Currently, I am able to dance around my kitchen area as if it were a ballet studio. There’s so much fun in that. Home feels sweet and modest. I envision what it will become in the upcoming months as I add more and more, but I’ll relish in the bare natured beauty of what it is right now. Just like these simple earrings by the wonderful Sabrina SL. She knows exactly how to make a statement with such subtle ease. My ears feel like they need nothing else nowadays. 

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