A Coastal Spectrum

November 6, 2017


M Missoni dress
Fendi purse
Cutler and Gross sunglasses
By Far boots

Daylights Saving’s Time has ended and night is already falling upon us at around 4:30pm. The black of hole of winter is staring at us from a far, inching closer day by day. At least I have these warm weather Southern California memories to keep me toasty during the upcoming months. Hehe. Blue, blue skies are a lingering highlight from back home, and I’m happy that I get to find happy homes to match them whenever I visit. Looking at pictures of myself like this, sometimes makes me wonder why I decided to choose NYC over staying in California. But then I realize . . . just having a taste of back home every now and then is enough for me. For now at least. I’ve been through six east coast winters, which feels like enough to drive a person nuts, but here I am. Still here. Stick kicking. Still finding new places to see and new people to meet in this city. And summer comes again and I forget winter ever happened. Winter on the east coast has its charms, of course. So many reasons to stay in and enjoy the company of oneself, a book, a lover. So much more time to focus on simple things that we sometimes forget about when we are out and about in this city that never stops buzzing. Even just one flame of a simple candle makes me feel so at home. Winter gives us that. And a glass of wine to go with it. And you know what, that is pretty awesome. 

But still, California has a lot going for it. It’s just different sort of things. Things that make it a world within a world all on its own. And that is a part of me, too. The sunshine and bold colors and the matcha lattes and grain bowls and the barefoot walks by the beach. Friends and family. There’s always a reason for me to eventually go back. All I know for sure, is that I have two homes now. I don’t think I can ever give one up for the other. But having them the way I do now . . . well, that makes me a lucky girl. 

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