The British Countryside

November 7, 2017


All looks by M Missoni

Some pictures that didn’t make it to Instagram during our stay at Soho Farmhouse in the British countryside. We had a really love two nights in our cottage on the farmhouse grounds with the lovely Julie of M Missoni. It was a little autumn escape right at the beginning of the season. At this point, autumn didn’t yet hit New York City, so being in this environment where a sweater was much needed was quite the treat. Autumn is really my season! The cottage was decorated so warmly and quaintly. Fully equipped with a fireplace, a tub meant for a long bubble bath, the refrigerator full of cakes and other savory treats, this abode was very hard to leave. Basically, this was a fancier version of what I’m used to on my upstate New York retreats. That English flair came across through and through, starting with a morning cup of tea. Then came the knitted sweaters. The wellies. The striped cat in the garden in bloom. A boat ride under cloudy gray skies. Our very first horseback ride through grassy green. Yes I got hit in the face by a branch, but I most definitely survived and enjoyed a good gallop. It didn’t rain enough for it to pass as truly British enough, but I think I did my first English countryside trip right. 

The current fall collection by M Missoni that Natalie and I wore fit the Soho Farmhouse in everywhere. In fact, it literally went hand in hand. The earthy, rustic colors brought to life the everlasting green and muted tones of the farmhouse grounds. I like to describe the collection as wearing a warm fireplace that you never want to take off. It’s the changing of colors in every way, and especially so with every knit. The colors. The patterns. The richness. It was made to be worn exactly where we were. Soho Farmhouse. A fancy mind/body recharge for the fashionably conscious. We rode horses. We took a cycling class. We wore M Missoni. Now that’s what you call a modern day retreat. Thank you M Missoni for having Natalie and I on this mini escape. 


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