The Mulberry Amberley Bag

November 9, 2017


Outfits by Mulberry

Super excited to share with you all my collaboration with Mulberry for the launch of the new Mulberry Amberley collection. The lock closure of the Amberley bags is a modern twist on a classic British design, and it’s the inspiration behind this video which takes a peek through the lock at my favorite parts of New York City. Can you tell by looking which parts these are? New York City is a whirlwind every single day, but I cannot stress more how much I adore certain parts of it more than others. These certain parts always feel brand new and nostalgic to me at the exact same time. They change with the time of day. They change depending on the light. They change with the types of people who pass through. They change depending on my mood. They change depending on whether I’m visiting them along or holding the hand of my man. This feeling of change is what makes NYC feel alive. And that energy is what I wanted to come across in this video that I worked on with my amazing boyfriend. He filmed it and edited it with my guidance on creative direction. Together we made 60 seconds of magic I think. I’m very proud of what our perspectives together created. It drives me to want to keep creating and telling stories! 

In other exciting new . . . next Tuesday, November 14th, I’ll be co-hosting an event at the Mulberry store in Soho with the lovely Krystal Bick from 6-8pm. We’d love for you all to join us at the store for a night of fashion and handbags that will include a cocktail mixology lesson, as well as a viewing of the special in-store installation featuring our #RidersLock videos. RSVP to: The first 30 RSVPs will receive a small special gift from Mulberry!! We are so excited for next Tuesday! Hope to see you there!

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