Dressing Up Basics with Whimsy + Row

November 11, 2017


Whimsy + Row bodysuit and pants

A simple black bodysuit and neutral pants can go a long way with the right finishing touches. Here I collaborated with Whimsy + Row, an eco-conscious clothing line made in DTLA from recycled fabric. to showcase the styling of some of their key fall pieces. I just happened to have this Lacoste jacket in nearly the exact same tone of tan of these pants. Together, it gave the appearance of a set, which I absolutely adore this season. It broke up the black and really makes a statement. The touches of blue came with my Miu Miu purse and Miista snakeskin printed boots. It’s an eclectic spin on a workwear look, made possible with the foundation of these two Whimsy + Row pieces. The eco-friendly aspect to this brand draws me to it the most, especially in the world we live in today. My closet is slowly becoming more and more balanced out with pieces that take into account our environment just as the fashion conscious part. It’s a shift that I look forward to seeing more and more of in the upcoming years and hopefully sooner!

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