A Bejeweled Miu Miu from VESTIAIRE

November 13, 2017


Miu Miu purse from Vestiaire 
Zena Presley suit
Marskinryyppy heels
Argento Vivo earrings

My very first designer handbag purchase was made at the age of 16. It was a fuschia suede Miu Miu shoulder bag in good used condition off of Ebay. From a very young age I learned the trick of second hand shopping. Our parents took us to estate sales growing up, and learned to accept the art of dressing myself in worn, but quality, clothing. The first place I would look were all the closets. I knew all the designers already by the age of 13. Ferragamo shoes. Chanel purses. Yves Saint Laurent blazers. All these pretty things I saw in magazines, a dream for many including myself, could finally possibly become mine after digging in the depths of an abandoned closet of a rich Beverly Hill housewife. A spectacular designer piece, to me, only had to be worth it if you had to dig for it. If it happened to come to you by chance. Because that way, it seemed as if it were meant for you. It was like a game I played. And in those estate sales, even The Goodwills and Salvation Armies, I was like a kid in a candy store. 

That feeling, that’s how I feel when I shop the pages on Vestiaire. A nostalgic and exciting feeling of not knowing what you are going to find. And lots of promise with each browse. In this case, with each click. The hunt is what I love most about shopping second hand designer pieces. It’s going in with no idea of what you are covering at all, and leaving with something you never though you could live without. This is exactly what happened with me. After seeing the wide rage of styles and categorized that the site had, I actually narrowed my shopping experience to just handbags. I’m a much more focused shopper nowadays. After pages and pages of beautiful purses and handbags, this list of things I wanted kept growing. But for some reason I still couldn’t make a decision. I knew there was something special coming, something overlooked by others, waiting for me to give it a home. This quilted Miu Miu purse with jeweled decor was just that. It felt classic but off beat. The leather a color I had nothing of in my current handbag collection. The jewels made it feel perfectly in tune for night, yet it could be removed for more casual wear. Into my shopping cart it went. Without any hesitation.

At a price of $658, it really was undoubtedly a deal. A gem covered in gems. Before I received my purchase from the seller, it was analyzed by the Vestiaire team and verified authentic, before being shipped to me. With this process, every purchase is a trustworthy one. You know exactly what you are getting. In fact, this bag was better than what I expected, in design and condition. It was basically mint condition. 

And finally, my story of being a second hand designer love comes full circle. It started with a fuschia suede Miu Miu that was beloved to my 16 year old heart, and currently lands on a turquoise quilted leather Miu Miu that makes me want to disco dance into my 30s. Miu Miu just happens to be one of my favorite brands to shop second hand, because that is how I find the best gems of the brand! Vestiaire just happens to have a unique and rare collection to choose from!

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