The M Missoni Stripe

November 16, 2017


Outfit by M Missoni

No one doesn’t recognize the classic M by Missoni’s take on knits and stripes. It’s what the brand is known for. Influenced by the rainbow, turned up on its head, and jumping back out at us in a way that makes stripes and color feel fresh to us again. It’s very easy for me to showcase how much I am obsessed with how M Missoni plays with color with their designs in the most imaginative ways. I keep wanting more! Against our neutral green and grey surroundings in the English countryside, we felt bold yet still in tune with nature. That’s such a hard combo to be able to commit to as a brand, but M Missoni does it, that’s for sure. I haven’t taken an international trip since this one, and I’m missing that feeling of going somewhere far and new. It’s addictive, and I’m surprised I’ve gone a month without travel! But NYC is always a happy place to stay put in. But it looks like it’s about time to get on my way again soon. 

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