A Mind Full of Color

November 19, 2017


Mulberry sweater
Maje skirt
AGL boots

I’ve always realized how precious color is to my life. There are so many emotions tied to it. To each and every bit of the full spectrum. Sometimes the memories they conjure up are blurry in the back of our minds, but the emotions connected to them feel so present and real that we almost have to look away to remember they are just memories. That is how much color has a hold on us. That is why I am drawn to it so much. I pay attention to it so much. The flecks of colors in my boyfriend’s eyes. The tone of blue that the sky takes on at exactly an hour before sundown. The glowing orange of the candles that warm up my living room at night. The color of the walls of the Puerto Rican coffee shop at my street corner. They are all things I see on the daily and recognize certain feelings with, and reliably so. One color can have a million different meanings. The idea is wonderful if your really stop and think about it. No one color leaves the exact same level of impression every time it makes its mark. The interpretation is the beauty of it. And I keep wanting to find more colors to connect feelings to. A sort of tonal guide to life. Life feels a little easier to interpret when color is involved it seems.

And then there is winter, when color hides a bit more from us. Night hitting us earlier and earlier every day. Seasonal depression taking the place of a leftover summer high. For me, the quickest fix is looking for the colors of memories past in unexpected places. A window pane. A swipe of graffiti on the walk home. The guy in the fire red sneakers on the subway. The pink mugs at the matcha shop. A pair of mismatching dotted socks. The colors on the cover of a book that is reason enough for you to pick it up for a read. Look around you. Wear the colors that make you feel what you want to feel. Do both. There is always a reminder of something to be lucky enough to have, no matter what the season. Happy holidays lovelies. Let color be your guide this winter!

Photos by Christina Emelie

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