Tommy Hilfiger at SAKS

November 24, 2017


All looks by Tommy Hilfiger, available at Saks 5th Avenue

Plaid and sequins. Who knew? The new Tommy Hilfiger collection is right on point when it comes to bringing together what seems like two ends of a spectrum. I like it when a brand showcases its roots while at the same time going beyond the box. Tommy Hilfiger knows how to have fun, and he showcases this with this latest collection, which is now available at Saks. My sister Natalie and I had the chance to parter with the brand to style up some looks for you guys. This one here I have on here is in particular my favorite. The plaid puffer plays down the details of the sequined midi dress, while the creepers did an awesome job at giving the look some angsty attitude. A mishmash of personalities feels so right because what’s the point of making up your mind on one thing when you can have them all? I hope you enjoy this styling session. Look forward to much more from Team Suarez. I won’t be updating here for a few days because I’m getting my vision corrected with LASEK today, so I won’t be opening my eyes for a few days until they heal. Super excited for the results though, and to get back to you all with new content and words just in time for the holidays. 

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