In With The New

December 1, 2017


7 For All Mankind coat
Etro scarf
Ulla Johnson pants

My vintage leopard coat has been in my closet since 2011. Purchased on one startling hot summer day from a man selling vintage out of his garage in Philadelphia the summer I moved there. One of the best $20 purchases I’ve ever made. But since then, it has lived about 25 different lives it seems. It came to the point that the last seam was just no longer worth fixing, so I decided to donate it, knowing that there was the potential that some new love could be injected into it. By then, it has seen enough of too many winters, from grimy dive bars in Philadelphia to horrible first dates in Brooklyn. It was time for the new to come in. Not that it was easy to part with the old one, all holed up pockets and all. But it’s good to let go sometimes. It’s called growing up, if you want to elevate the idea of getting rid of an old coat with lots of memories. But thank you 7 For All Mankind for allowing me to let go, and giving me a new faux fur leopard option to keep my winter retro vibes alive in the new year. There are new stories to be made. More beers to be cheered on those cold winter nights. More kisses to have but with a man I want to call mine forever. More blue, blue skies that will fortunately make up for the bite of winter’s cold. I might need a layer or two extra with this one, but the art of layering is one I know oh too well. I’ve got myself covered. Winter is mine. 

** Photos by Christina Emelie 

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