The Ultimate Gucci Holiday Gift Guide

December 18, 2017

Sponsored by Gucci + Shopstyle


Giving the gift Gucci is a gift in itself. An art form sort of speak. A way to present to the ones that you love, who have more of an eclectic taste, something special for the holidays (in the form of luxe leather, pearl detailing and a block heel that will change over even the most dedicated stiletto wearer). An elaborate and exaggerated expression of gratitude. A gift with personality for days. That is how I describe my Gucci Holiday Gift Guide. It is one that I made especially for you, featuring a lovely number of lust worthy, and impeccably charming, gifts for you sister, your gal pals, your mother or any other female presence that you cannot help but want to shower with surprise and delight during this time of the year. Of course, it’s the thought that always counts, but with Gucci, it’s also the substance, the style and that perfect touch of eccentricity to light up a room. This year has been a celebration of the ladies in our lives, Bd in the world in general, so why not go all out for the holidays for those who are special to your rhinestone embellished heart. Sometimes a pair of a pink, GG patterned high socks is the perfect way to end a year for someone. Just think about that. Take a look here. There might be something you’ll want to snag for yourself, because don’t ever forget that you, too, deserve some appreciation. In the form of Gucci, of course. Now get shopping for the holidays! Time is a ticking! xx


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