Matchy Matchy on the Mountain

January 1, 2018


Veronica Beard blazer from Neiman Marcus
Helmut Lang white blouse from Neiman Marcus
Belstaff leather skirt
Miista shoes

Happy 2018! What a ride! Didn’t think I’d get right here where I’m at so soon. But here I am! Here we all are! This year, there will still be lots of fashion on the blog, but also a whole lore more of wellness, lifestyle and culture (other interests of mine that I haven’t made as much time to write about here before). It’s exciting knowing the world is an oyster going forward. As long as you make it one πŸ™‚

Today, we start off the new year with some more fashion. Leave it up to the Suarez Sisters to wear two-piece jacket and skirt sets on the side of the mountain. Does it make sense? No. That’s the point. In my opinion, the matchy, matchy two-piece suit is just as fitting for the mountain side as it is the office desk. Basically, it can slip into any occasion seamlessly, and as quietly or as loudly as you’d like. Pretty slick huh? I’ve recently become a huge fan of blazers by Veronica Beard. It’s a bit tough sometimes finding a blazer that fits just right, not too big (plenty of those already from the thrift store), and not too snug on the shoulders (an issue I have as a tall girl). I’m a size 6, and this one is exactly true to size. The perfect medium in-between the shrunken blazer and my oversized menswear styles that I steal from the boyfriend. My collection is growing, which basically offsets my start of the year goal of minimizing my closet. What to do, as I am quickly running out of closet space. More on this later. In the meantime, I don’t see the blazer trend going anywhere. Instead, I’m embracing the entire spectrum of colors and sizing with them. A fashion no-brainer in my opinion. 

Happy New Year once again, and happy fashion wishes to you all! And for those new to the blogging world this year, happy hello and good luck! 


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