Winter in New York City

January 6, 2018


Liesangbong coats
& Other Stories sweater
Reformation cords
Brixton beret
Mulberry purse

Winter in NYC has me sleeping in later. Staying up late reading books and watching movies. More time indoors at the gym. More time alone writing and contemplating surrounded by candles. I’ve been living ungracefully under coats. My hair is always undone and hiding under a beanie or beret. Home has become my sacred place this winter. Lost in stories and movies. I become so inward and nostalgic during the winter. My introvert comes out. But I feel totally at ease with that. Time for me feels slower in the winter. Usually it’s the other way around. It’s because I like the time it gives me to keep for myself. And it’s not a lonely feeling. It’s a feeling of self love that winter gives me. To take time to make myself feel healthy and warm and mentally stimulated when it is physically so, so cold out. It’s a winter blues but it’s a light and bright winter blue. The color of the blue that the sky is on a sunny winter day. How do you feel about winter? Do you share the same thoughts? 

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