A Uniform of Sorts

January 8, 2018


The Vetiver Collection blazer and pants
Calvin Klein bra
DVF purse
Sonix sunglasses
By Far boots

Happy Monday! Once again, sisters on a Southern California mountain in matching suits. What else is new? The suit look is definitely a Suarez Sister uniform of choice. We both even went for the Calvin Klein bra underneath. Great minds think a like. Are you sick of seeing us in suits yet? Well, too bad. I keep finding more and more ways to keep this look feeling fresh each time I wear it. We could totally get away as twins in these looks together. Could be a fun way of tricking people if we are ever in the mood. I’m excited for this week ahead. It’s one with more written on the calendar to make up for the lazier week I just came out of. But it was good that I let holiday mode kick in a bit longer, because I expect 2018 to be busier than ever. I’m kicking this year off with a trip to Southeast Asia with my parents next week (Malaysia and Thailand), so look forward to colorful travel diaries on here soon! Those are my favorite kinds of posts. Anything to kick start the wanderlust in you all. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a long flight, and I think a place far from home is just the inspiration I need to get things going in the right direction this year. And the more family time I have, the better I feel. There’s something with growing up that makes me want to make that bond tighter and tighter. Travels, family bonding time, more suits. What else is in store for 2018? 

Hope you all have beautiful days!

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