At Home In Stripes

January 14, 2018


Ronny Kobo bodysuit
LIE Collection pants
Pedro Garcia paltforms

I wore this outfit three days in a row. No joke. I twas about time I took at least one legit photo of it before I succumbed to my weekend uniform of Calvin Klein sweats. This is my current favorite corner of my apartment. A nook that came together so organically. And that is why it is so special. At night, just the lamp and a candle is all I need to feel cradled on my couch. I feel a bit behind on getting the res to my place fully together. My future workspace/desk area is a storage unit for the clothing that cannot fit in my walk in closet. My bedroom has furniture, but for some reason is still lacking the sort of character that I want to present with it. Or maybe I just need more plants. I’m trying not to stress out too much about it, because I know that the fact that it may always a be a work in progress is okay. As human beings, we seem to change as seconds go by. We are always works in progresses ourselves. Our homes can get a break. So as I write this, I am ingraining into my mind that my home space is allowed to come together at its own pace. Whatever that pace maybe. Hey, it took me 30 years to become a more full person. Not even completely full yet. But as full as I should be right now. That’s a long time. But at the same time, this sort of thing is something that can never be measured. The same goes for the place you rest your head at night. Happy Sunday, my favorite day of the week! And this Ronny Kobo bodysuit makes me happy because its colors make me think of the 70’s, and it’s oh so flattering with a pair of loose fit trousers. There is a reason I’ve worn this outfit three days in a row. Hehe. 

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