24 Hours in LA

January 16, 2018


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24 hours in Los Angeles. And then I will be on my way to Asia. I will be up in the air for quite some time in the next few days, fitting in as much sleep where I can so I can easily fight the jet lag that will soon consume me in Asia. I have lots of family time and exploring that I want to fit into my next two weeks. I’m happy to get a little piece of home before embarking on my travels. It feels like a while since my last international flight, so it’s about time I get moving again! Here is a snippet from my last trip home in Los Angeles, where we stayed a few nights at the Four Seasons Los Angeles. The garden area is beautiful there. Even on a gloomy day, the palm trees still shine. I wear dresses so much more out west than I do in New York. It’s not even only because of the weather. More the sensibility and the space and the easiness that LA brings upon me. I lay low my tough side. I soften a bit. The weights and burdens of NYC feel lifted but it’s a feeling that goes unnoticed. It just is what it is and I slip right into it. No subway noise. No busy sidewalks. No numerous bags to lug blocks down the street. Everything is just a little more simplified out on that side. Maybe the west really does bring out my feminine side that much more. It feels natural. Even for just 24 hours. I’ll take it. 

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