How Winter Can Be Winning

January 17, 2018


Jocelyn coat
Mackage scarf
Vintage sweater
Mulberry England pants and purse
By Far boots
Quay Australia sunglasses

Of course I find myself writing my first real proper blog post about layering in the winter when I am in Los Angeles (where winter does not really exist). I didn’t even bring a proper coat with me on this trip, for there was no need for one. But since many of you all are still in temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, I thought it was still worth it to share a look overly abundant in winter layers and heavy textures. The more the merrier. Wool pants. A fur coat. A wool sweater. Two layers of Uniqlo heat tech tops, and a pair of heat tech leggings. Toasty socks inside these boots. A knit scarf that can basically serve as a blanket on its days off. Winter in NYC. The dreadful months we see quickly approaching once fall hits. When thinking about the weather and dressing appropriately is a task within a task. One that requires many hacks to perform well. 

Despite the gruesomeness of winter on the east coast. there is in fact ways that you can still dress fashionably and with tasteful personality. There is no need to get lost under the bulkiness of everyday winter garb. What lies beneath is always the hidden secret. The statement lies in the coat. The texture with all the other things that go with it. I didn’t really plan it with this look, but the clashing patterns happened to complement more so instead in the end. That is the beauty of neutrals. They find a way to dance along with each other with the effortlessness of two ballerinas on stage. Think of it this way the next time you are stumped on a winter look. Make adding on the layers less of a task and more of a performance. And you will see just how much creativity can come out of winter’s dark bear caves. There are cities to explore. Cold cities, but cities nonetheless. Winter’s bite should never hold one back. I’ve been trying to remind myself this on weekends when the only motivation I have is to run to the deli down the street and read a book in red. Finding this balance in the season of cold is a challenge, but there are ways to make the best out of the things you can’t control. Winter most definitely can be winning, even as I write this on a 75 degree day in Los Angeles. Still it’s the truth. 

This winter hasn’t been the easiest for me. My boyfriend is back in Brazil because of his visa, and we will have the winter months apart. The city feels less cozy for me without him (not even my warmest coat can make up for that!), but I always find ways to feel full inside of me until the next time I see him. Long distance is a hard task. Maybe even harder than surviving winter. Right now, I am accomplishing both. With my man, a winter away from him is worth all the sunny days we have gotten to have together so far. See you soon my love! 

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