#InCharge in DVF

January 23, 2018


DVF blouse and pants
The Arrivals jacket
Staud purse

 “I have never met a woman who is not strong. They don’t exist.” –  Diane von Furstenberg

I loved hearing Diane von Furstenberg speak a few weeks ago on a panel about female empowerment in the modern world. I realize that a lot of the times our power is nurtured from a feeling of weakness. It sparks that drive. That motivation to rise against the grain. This is exactly why I don’t look down upon acts of weakness that society has made stereotypical of our sex in a negative way. Things like: we are too emotional, we can’t lift as much as a man, we aren’t as business savvy, we aren’t financially strategic or capable, we are made to only make homes and not careers for ourselves, we are shallow, we are easy, we are bitches when we are not easy. The list goes on and on and on. Whatever they are, these are not weaknesses. They are just a challenging path to realization. And I’ll take a challenge. I always have. It’s how I learned to not be afraid to be let down. It aways got easier to get up time after time. I became #InCharge of the things that made me a female. I embraced them. I found a path and I worked towards it, and I focused on that. Tripped a few times, but that just made me want it more. I still keep wanting things more and more. And I want to tell you to never ever stop wanting that extra more for yourself. Especially when you put the work in. 

What makes you feel #InCharge? What makes you realize your power? What drives you to use it? All important questions of the moment. When I think of being in charge, I think of confidence. I think of taking hold of a room and keeping that attention with words, mannerisms, and energy. I think about influence. Right now, as woman, I believe that it is our time.Really, it has always been our time. But we are realizing it more than ever right now. Our voices are louder, clearer, stronger. I’m very proud of the women who make sure their voices are heard. I’m proud of my mother who came to America as an immigrant and made a home and career for herself. I’m proud of my friends who lift each other up. They inspire me. They make me feel beyond happy to be a woman. They make me want to be the best I can be. To doubt myself less. To cherish my body. To bathe in self confidence. To stand up for my beliefs and not be afraid to speak about them, be it one on one, in a group or right here on this blog. To feel #InCharge and take that charge to the next level at every moment. To dismiss moments of meekness and turn them into something bold. A statement that says look at me, this is who I am. But don’t just look. Also listen. That is what fashion is for, and that is what DVF is so talented at. Capturing women at their finest, their most statuesque. The DVF woman cannot be ignored, and that is the campaign we all should carry inside of us. 

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