A Standout Coat by Lie Sangbong

February 2, 2018


Lie Sangbong coat
Frame jeans
Marskinryyppy shoes

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this all around fantastic coat by one of my favorite Korean designers, Lie Sangbong. This piece, a part of the FW17 collection, is a made up of bold, primary colors and prints, inspired by the 2018 Winter Olympics. I for sure have never had a coat like this. It’s a piece that leads an outfit. Nothing else can outshine it. It is in fact, an Olympic gold metal out of a series of winter coats. There were so many ways running through my head on how to style this baby. Layered with Heat Tech underneath, of course. I always start with that. Maybe with black oversized trousers? Tall black boots? A super chunky knit underneath? In the end, I settled on a simple route. My favorite blue denim, my go-to black cashmere sweater, and a pair of kitten heels with my name embroidered for a touch of femininity. I was in the mood to let the coat do the talking. The rest I let follow. It makes dressing in the cold so much easier because half the styling work is already done for you. Do you guys like to go for a standout coat to lift the winter mood? 

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