Making Our Own Lipstick // Finding Ferdinand

October 15, 2013

This past Saturday, Tanya, Natalie and I had the pleasure of meeting Nhu Le, the founder of Finding Ferdinand, a San Francisco-based custom lip color company. She was working the brand’s NYC location within TheMarketNYC in The West Village, and showed us the process of creating our very own custom lipsticks. The lipstick color bases that they use are made from all natural products and feel super silky and extremely moisturizing. We all mixed a bunch of different colors together, trial and error-ing our way to creating the most magical combination to adorn our lips with. From a super natural pink to a nearly punk purple tone, the options were endless. It was so much fun figuring out what colors worked best together to create something that worked specifically for each of us, with our skin tone, seasonality and personalities all taken into consideration. Nhu took our final lip color choices and molded our own lipsticks for us to take home in just a few minutes. On the Finding Ferdinand website, these same vibrantly creamy pigments are offered and open to experimentation. And the final creations can be named! I mixed two different tones of purple-based wines and came out with the perfect going out lip color that I named Vamp It Up. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it on the blog soon 🙂