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& Other Stories Los Angeles Atelier

April 1, 2017

Natalie and I had the pleasure of flying back home to Los Angeles for a few days to visit the brand new & Other Stories LA Atelier, and brainstorm a shoot featuring the brand’s Los Angeles inspired collection that just hit stores. We have visited the Paris Atelier last summer, which felt very, well, distinctly Parisian. A little bit moody. Definitely the home of French artists. But the Los Angeles atelier was exactly what I pictured it to be. Bright and sunny. Windows for days. Succulents and long, leafy potted plants at every corner. Books on surfing and other California type things. Rugs for lounging bare legged and bare foot. Bohemian, minimal is the best way to describe the environment, which was the perfect backdrop for the new collection that we got to explore alongside the designers. What a beautiful intro we had to the collection and history of the Stockholm-based brand. Now we’ll have to see the Stockholm Atelier next, and we’ll keep you updated on that. I’ll be posting the images from our & Other Stories shoot in Venice, California. Hope you love. For now, enjoy your Saturday! I’m relaxing at home after our trip, tidying up my home and catching up on some editing and writing. Saturdays spent inspiration gathering are my favorite. 

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The #SuarezSisters Guide to Tevas + Socks

September 28, 2016


If you have been following my blog and my sister Natalie‘s blog for awhile, you probably have come to know how much love we share for the footwear brand Teva. We road tripped through the South to Bonnaroo (New Orleans, Birmingham, Nashville) in them last year, and we adventured through Costa Rica in them just this past summer. I gotta say, we’ve gone a long way with Teva sandals on our feet. Not really sure we could have adventured as much without them. They lived through torrential tropical downpours, desert sandstorms, intense sweating sessions, foot crushing in large groups of dancing ravers, and muddy hikes through the rainforest. And a whole lot of other things in-between, I’m sure you can imagine.

This time around we partnered up with Teva to show you all a new side of the brand. It’s fall now, and we still want to wear our Teva sandals! So what to do?! Why . . . socks, of course! Socks and sandals have become a much-talked about trend a few seasons ago on the runways, and Natalie and I got addicted to this pairing. Some might think it’s a weird trend to take on, without a doubt semi-inspired by suburban American Dads some may say, but we believe that with the right kind of colors and texture it can really add to an outfit. What’s the point of having fun, sparkly disco ball socks when you can’t show them off, right?!

Natalie and I styled our Teva sandals in five different ways that fit into our lives here in New York City . . . literally bringing Teva sandals and socks to the city streets. We definitely turned heads, and for sure we made a statement. We hope our style guide inspires you guys to do the same and experiment with your Teva sandals and socks 🙂

Check out the Teva blog for a deeper look into our looks and how we came up with them.


First Looks: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (and Party)
I’m wearing:  Flatform Universal Crackle in black
Nat’s wearing: Flatform Universal Crafted in white





Second Looks: The Homebodies
I’m wearing: Original Universal Crafted Leather in ta
Nat’s wearing: Original Universal Ombre in black






Third Looks: Athleisure On the Go
I’m wearing: Teva x UGG in white // Coming soon
Nat’s wearing: Teva x UGG in black // Coming soon






Fourth Looks: Casual Weekenders
I’m wearing: Universal Slide in white
Nat’s wearing: Universal Slide in black






Fifth Looks: Let’s Have a Picnic
I’m wearing: Original Universal in white
Nat’s wearing: Original Universal in black







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The Beat of the Red PS1

September 18, 2016


Proenza Schouler PS1 leather purse from Farfetch
Breelayne choker

For years, I’ve been eyeing the coveted Proenza Schouler PS1, but mostly in darker colors that fit in with the monochromatic color scheme of my current bag situation. But when I found out about the existence of the bag in this playful party red on Farfetch, the deal was sealed. Can hardly say no to anything fire engine red actually. Instantly, it was like my bag game was just upped a million levels. I like that the color of this bag inspires me with its boldness. A reminder that confidence is key, and desire and passion are indisposable. A red so red it motivates like fire. The shape of it is so fully functionally in every sort of way, it’s hard to find a reason to say that this is indeed not the perfect bag ever made. Yes, that’s a big statement, but hey . . . I’m feeling bold. This one extends the summer season for me while at the same time signifying the beginning of fall. Spicy like a tropical summer, but warm just like a mulled wine. It’s the best of both worlds. And I’ve been wearing it in so many ways already, especially since it’s so easy to amp up an easy going, simple outfit. But my favorite way to wear it is with even more colors. Maybe even more red! Why not?! What I’ve learned from years working in fashion and running a blog about it, is to have fun with the things you put on your body. It’s always worth it.








#StraplessThatStays by Maidenform

June 21, 2016


I salute you Maidenform for putting an end to my bra fidgeting woes. These woes are now ghosts of my lingerie past, and I can finally say that my off-the-shoulder tops and strapless bras can be best of friends. If you have read my blog for awhile now, you know that I am a no-bra type of girl whenever I can be, but sometimes I have to give in for the extra support and coverage for certain pieces in my closet. And these pieces are some of my favorites for these two reasons:  being off-the-shoulder and form fitted. The thing is, these are also two factors that make finding a bra that both doesn’t show and that fits properly impossible. Well impossible up until the present day situation of trying on my first Maidenform Strapless Bra. Hallelujah, my lingerie woes just went out the door. Just like that.  No longer am I pulling down straps off my shoulder and sticking them into the cups as I try to fake a strapless bra. No longer am I nip-slipping. No longer am I suffering from an awkward, in-between cup size that fits too small or too large. No longer am I pulling up a bra that slides down as the day goes on. And let me tell you . . . my days can be very long. Thankfully, my new Maidenform Strapless Bra has every component I’ve been looking for in a strapless bra. And that’s a lot to say coming from a girl who swears to go bra-lass on the regular. Now everything that I was afraid of before when it came to what goes underneath my off-the-shoulder blouses and form fitted tops has vanished. Who has times for readjusting messy looking straps on a first date . . . in line at the bodega . . . on my way to a lunch meeting? Not me. Not I. I don’t like to waste a second. Btw, how perky do my boobs look? hehe. I don’t mind the little extra volume every once in a while. Subtle is sexy. Straps that show are not.











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