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My New Couch From High Fashion Home

September 15, 2016



Beckham Sofa in Vance Gold from High Fashion Home

Home is like a state of mind. It’s a sense of peace. A comforting sort of understanding at the end of a long day that provides the best sort of relief. Comforting even when no relief is needed. It’s just so nice to know that it is there waiting for us to fill in its nooks and corners to complete it whenever we can. In the morning, home a sweet haven of refreshment, untouched by the soon to come ups and downs and all arounds of the day. In the evenings, home is where I have the time to rest my mind and slowly spill out thoughts into sentences on paper or right here online for this little blog. My home is an expression of me, but I also want it to inspire me at the same time. It deserves the same attention and respect as it gives me as soon as I come home and kick off my boots looking for a place to rest my thoughts. I’ve been in my modest yet large Bushwick two-bedroom apartment for over two years now, and just these past few months I really committed to the task of making it really feel like a home. The idea of investment when it comes to my home space is important to me now. Quality over quantity. Taste and personality are things I appreciate, and I want me home to reflect these things about me. I want it to go beyond just a place to sleep at a night. I want to love the place I live and the things that I put in it. I want it to uplift my mood.

The one room that always needed the most work since day one was my living room. It was the room I saved for last. Always bland and simple, with a second hand dresser to hide the things that I didn’t know what to do with. But this room had so much potential. It deserved to have me spending more time in it during the days and nights. What it needed was a centerpiece. Something bold and bright and happy. And preferably velvet. High Fashion Home had my dream couch I came to found. In a summer sort of marigold that lightens up my heart. It really is the sweetest thing, and it brightened up my living room tenfold. The change was quite dramatic, even my furniture movers told me so. Finally, the pictures on my walls felt like they were rightfully complemented and far less random. The room was tied together. The yellow balancing out the hues of red and pink in my rug from Tictail, another one of my living room statement pieces. My little floor corner nook is where I want to sit and chat with my friends with a glass of wine. Maybe pile a few pillows in the corner and read a book. This corner was completely bare before the couch came in, and look at what it became. My living room makes me happy, and I haven’t been able to say that for a long time.

Check out more couches to lust over at High Fashion Home >>> HERE. Plus a whole other things to make your home space pretty as a peach.













Work Space

October 23, 2014
A peek at my little work space nook in my bedroom. I’ve been creating collages since elementary school, and the craft has stuck with me ever since. Although a far cry from the one’s I’ve made before featuring at least 5 cutouts of Josh Hartnett’s beautiful face on the front and back of my school binders, these new ones still do the trick of keeping me inspired every single day. Images that build dreams. Plus a crystal geode to keep the good energy flowing. Fresh flowers for a sweet scent. Lots of natural light to keep me calm and focused on the work I have to get done in front of me. I’m looking at images for a good portion of the day, so my work area has to be light and bright so every detail can be considered. My desk is currently covered with watercolor paints and fabric samples. I’m always working on something different, and a lot of times I like to get my hands dirty. With some folksy tunes or rock and roll playing in the background, I’m totally in my zen zone.

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