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Baseball Tee in Soho

October 10, 2013

Forever 21 baseball tee and skirt, Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag, Modern Vice Carly boots, Vanessa Mooney necklace
I remember this being quite THE PERFECT DAY. And can’t you tell that my hair has been DID UP ALL DOLLY LIKE?? This is so unlike me! I was up super duper early this particular morning for a video shoot I did for L’Oreal in the Meatpacking District. One super humid day, but you can’t tell right?  I’m not a heavy makeup sort of girl, but being primped for a day was quite fun! I can never achieve the smokey eye that was perfected on me this day. Never I tell ya! I kept taking double looks at myself when walking past a mirror. I was like dude, my lashes look extra good today. Wowsies. I took the day off from work, and since my shoot ended around 1pm, I got the rest of the day off to go eat Mexican food and walk around Soho. On a weekday! What a delight. I can never get over the fabulous feeling of being free to stroll the city on a day other than the weekend. It’s just a different vibe. I can mix in with the tourists, shop in my favorite hidden places and really take my time without a care in the world, or just eat ice cream at the most unusual of hours. I love it. It’s like skipping class.

Song on repeat right now . . . Team by Lorde


Black on Black

October 7, 2013

All About Eve tee, Vintage shorts, American Apparel hat, Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag
Basic, casual and monochromatic. Somedays I just want to swing these ways. No questions accepted. Trying to catch up on posts right now. This is one of my last “summer outfits”. Bare with me. This blog will be in full on fall mode pretty soon!

Daydream Believer

October 7, 2013

Forever 21 dress, Guess boots, Jeffrey Campbell backpack, Giles & Brother leather bracelet

Back to business after a super great weekend. Been throwing on the easy pairing of a little white dress and rugged boots more and more often lately. I always find myself running out the door with not much time to spare, so getting dressed for work in the morning cannot be made into a big ordeal on most days. Effortless and easy always works. Not sure that I would wear this dress any other way. Gotta toughen things up a bit by wearing your boots like you mean it. 


In The Middle Of It All

October 4, 2013

Minkpink dress, Free People halter bra, Modern Vice Carly boots, Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
I work not that many blocks away from tourist central craziness, otherwise known as good old Times Square. An overload of shopping and lights and funny people dressed up in costume. I’ve only been here twice in the last two months I’ve lived here. It’s not my regular hangout, that’s for sure, but I appreciate it for what it instills in the minds and hearts of those who are first captivated by this city from what they have seen in movies or read in book. The dreams and aspirations it puts into our heads. I remember the first time I came to NYC, I was blown away by Times Square. Even though the NYC I know today is a far cry from the world of Times Square, my memories of my first trip to NYC never leave my mind. I’ve grown so much during my few years living on the east coast, and parts of it has grown with me and so much newness has been discovered. But it’s always good to know that Times Square, with all it’s foot traffic and bright lights and intense traffic jams, will always be waiting for us for when we want to immerse into a culture shock of grandness that usually defines everything about NYC to this city’s first timers. It’s amazing what an impression it makes. And it will never be forgotten. And so I appreciate it, even if I’m just passing through for a mere 5 minutes. It feels good to be there.


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