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Sugerhigh Lovestoned // Electric Ladyland

December 5, 2013

I first caught a glimpse of this lookbook on the Spell and the Gypsy blog and within seconds got sucked into the “Electric Ladyland” that is the LA brand Superhigh Lovestoned. 50% Janis Joplin vibes +  50% Jimmy Hendrix rock and roll swagger = the magical potion that takes you straight to the sweet life. Deep velvet, earthy floral patterns and an electric guitar is all you need my friends. And how gorgeous is Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle? Ugh. I want it all.

Fancy Pants

December 4, 2013

Paige jeans, Otte sweater, Anthropologie coat, Natalie & Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice Chloe boots, vintage bag, Brixton hat

Just can’t stop putting a hat on my head lately. Nor jewels on my legs it seems. I’ve always been more of an all basic everything denim kind of gal, but playing on the wilder side of things is a lot of fun. Prints on denim can definitely be tricky though. It draws attention to the legs, and sometimes doesn’t flatter the stems at all or ends up coming across as too obnoxious. Paige denim always fits me like a glove, so I felt safe taking a risk with the print on this one. And I’m glad I did. On this particular day someone stopped me on the street to to ask where I was from, because from the looks of it, I wasn’t from New York City. I think it was all the color. Nice to know that I bring a little bit of west coast sunshine to the city, at least to some people. 


Coyote Moon

December 2, 2013

Gypsy Junkies velvet top and asymmetrical skirt, Forever 21 floral jacket, Free People tank, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Worth & Worth hat, Natalie & Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice Studded Jett Boots, Coyote Negro necklace
Recently, I’ve been feeling a little off center when it comes to my bohemian ways of dressing. I always blame it on the fast-paced New York City life that embraces functionality much more so than . . . well, flowing-ness. Also known as the fact that maxi dresses just aren’t that easy to manage up and down those subway steps or the foot traffic during rush hour. Not too mention things getting caught in those subway doors. Those sliding panels are like monsters ready to eat you up or spit you out. Seriously. But really, you just have to laugh at these things. Still, sometimes I stop and have one of those “Dude where’s my car??” moments, but with my clothes instead and without the unsubtle presence of Ashton Kutcher. Have I lost my spirit in my move to NYC? Am I turning into, I hate to say it, one of those NYC girls in head-to-toe black and only shops (or gives off the allusion that she shops) at Alexander Wang or BLK only????? Noooooooooooo. Maybe it really is the fact that I’m working on getting used to the city and all the conveniences, and (ahem) inconveniences of it that just down right don’t allow for one to wrap herself up in the comfort of an extra long maxi cardigan and a 5,000 ruffle layered skirt that resembles a wedding dress (ok I’m exaggerating a tad bit) on the daily even though deep down inside that is all she wants to do. And she wants to do it with a guitar on her back and a wide brimmed hat on her head damn it! Oh yeah, and with a feather stuck to the side of it. Duh. Sometimes things need to be sacrificed, but it doesn’t mean conventionality has to come out as the winner in the end. Fashion is all about change and experimenting and molding to suit one’s environment and state of mind. The balance of the city I live in and the spirit of what my heart and head say are two very different things a lot of the times, but even so they complement each other quite nicely. I wouldn’t appreciate the other if it wasn’t for, well, the other. And with that said, here’s an outfit inspired by the moon and witches and other bewitching things that are an escape from the sometimes grueling day-to-day of my so-called NYC life. Enjoy. Gonna go back to listening to Radiohead’s Amnesiac album. On repeat. 

White Oleander

November 29, 2013

Free People blouse and maxi top, RD Style faux leather jacket, Rich and Skinny moto jeans, Fossil purse, Kenneth Cole boots

Happy Friday ya’ll. Back in the office today. Yup, working on Black Friday and although I’m kind of not fond of the idea of being in the office at 8AM for meetings about Black Friday sales, I am also kind of happy to escape the madness of shoppers that will be putting the city into a whirlwind of materialistic craziness. You will not find me at the stores, unless my co-worker talks me into visiting H&M with her on our lunch break for a hot second. But that doesn’t really count. Wore this look a while back during my parents visit to NYC. We trekked around Brooklyn Heights by foot for the day and I imagined what my life would be like 10 years from now. Ya know, married with kids and owning a fantastic brownstone in Brooklyn Heights with an equally fantastic stoop. It will have a room entirely devoted to books and inspirational boards on fashion and travel, with a free wall that doubles as a photo backdrop for impromptu shoots. The outer side of our building will be covered in green ivy and will be the envy of the neighbors down the street. In the fall, I’ll have pumpkins on our front porch and I’ll buy all my fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market down the street. Most likely, I’ll still be wearing Victorian-inspired high-necked tops with maxi blouses thrown on top and skinny jeans with moto stitching at the knees. And we’ll have roof access so that I can sip coffee up there while the sun rises before I start my day each morning. Sounds great right? A girl can always dream, dream, dream. Just like how I will always like to layer with white, white, white. 

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