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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Creative Techie Boyfriend

February 12, 2018

Sharing with you all a little Valentine’s Day gift guide for your boyfriends. my boyfriend happens to be a very creative guy who loves the tech world and also pays attention to style. I came up with my top three Valentine’s Day gifts for him that I will shower him with once he is back from Brazil. 


This watch is the ultimate smartwatch for you man! I chose the one in the bold red because it’s so fitting for Valentine’s Day, but also because it makes a statement. There are so many awesome facets to this watch, including watch face customization (I have it set to digital dial here). My boyfriend is obsessed with customizing his tech gadgets, from the outside of his laptop to the background of his phone. It’s always changing! He’ll have fun making this watch feel like his own with these customization options. Not to mention, it’s very on point with its smart watch notification. This watch easily can sync with my man’s Iphone so he can get updates on his texts, emails, and calendar alerts. My boyfriend is busy, so this is all so great! The Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch is the essential watch for the busy, creative man! 


My man loves his sneakers, and especially when they are neutral: black, white, tan. He doesn’t have one in a dark grey yet, so I thought these would be perfect for him. They are slick and extra comfortable, and the best thing is that they are super lightweight. They are a go-to pair with my boyfriend’s signature black jeans, but can also be dressed up with a suit look for a cool street-inspired look. Adidas is always kick ass with their sneakers, and my boyfriend keeps looking in the store window every time we pass, so I had to go with this pair! 


My boyfriend is an video editor and director, so his creative eye was always something so sexy to me! He always has the most unique perspective when it comes to anything visual. He loves gadgets and toys he can experiment with on his projects, and he always loves a new reason to play with the camera. The Summicron TL 23mm lens by Leica is classic but also extra unique in that it’s just a tiny bit more wide angle than what we normally shoot with. It’s compact, so perfect for our upcoming travels and any of his video projects. 

When it comes to gift giving, I like to really narrow down my lists to the best of the best. These three are very particular to my boyfriend, but at the same time, they are very universal that I think that every kind of man will appreciate these gifts this Valentine’s Day. It’s always the thought that counts, but these right here really make the difference. Whether it be pushing your man in a new creative direction (Leica lens photography), giving a little edge to his style (Adidas) style or just inspiring a more organized way of life (the Diesel On smartwatch), it’s all for something special. 


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A Look From London

February 10, 2018


Unreal Fur coat
Claudia Li pants
Sigerson Morrison shoes
Salvatore Ferragamo purse

This was my first trip to London in the winter, and I didn’t expect it to be nearly as cold as New York City. Natalie and I found ourselves lounging in our massive hotel room most hours of the days, catching up on work and taking long baths that turned into cat naps, but we did find some time to gallop around town (quickly because one must move fast to keep warm). We were trying to make our way towards Somerset House, and kept getting sidetracked along the way by cute little side streets that tickled our British obsessed fancy. Endless rows of brick and colorful doors. We jumped into about a million coffee shops on our walk. Mostly to keep warm. But also to be inspired by decor. The British really have an exquisitely charming way to making a place feel homely. My favorite thing about London . . . the warm, cozy and dimly lit places made for endless ramblings over coffee. Or matcha lattes, which is what I asked for at high tea. That’s just about all I need these days. No matter where I’m at. 


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In Front of the Marble Staircase

February 7, 2018


Suistudio blazer
Sezane top
Reformation pants
Vintage purse
Sandro shoes

Landed home from London today. Already jumping right into our first New York Fashion Week event. Flying to Los Angeles early Friday morning for work, and then back in New York City for the last three days of fashion week. Not sure how I will keep track of the time and the days this upcoming week, but hopefully it will magically happen. It’s quite far out to me to say that these things are the actualities of my life. Flying from city to city for glamorous events, eating delicious food, staying at beautiful hotels with epic bathtubs, having a front row seat at a fashion show for one of my favorites the brands. My sister and I are spoiled. These are all frivolous things I only dreamed about as a kid. Now they are the day-to-day, and I am definitely not complaining. But at the same time, these things aren’t what drive me and my career. In fact, I’m 100% sure that I could survive perfectly well without them. Be absolutely happy without escapes to lovely cities on the regular, having my airfare covered, being sent clothes for free that liven up my current wardrobe. These things were just extra, and very unexpected, when they were offered a few years back with my blog started gaining traction. They still feel extra. And I am very grateful about it. To have these things that make the daily grind easier. Because I know the feeling of being in the exact opposite position. Always a hustler at heart though. 

My job isn’t just about these glamorous destinations, and pretty clothing fresh off the runway, or marble lit staircases sparkling by the flash of my Leica camera. No, it’s still all about the girl that I was before I got even a tad close to any of these things. And that girl is what keeps me level headed when I could quite possibly become far too extra because this industry has a knack for doing such things. When I’m home, I’m home. I prefer things simple. I prefer time alone. I prefer doing my own laundry and washing my own dishes. I prefer lugging my groceries on the subway back home. I prefer having as much down time with my family as I can, when I can enjoy conversation that makes me laugh, and only my bedhead and sweatpants are required for the day. I enjoy the feeling of writing my thoughts here far more than I enjoy receiving a package of freebies in the mail. Even after all these years, the nostalgia of how if all began feels the most exciting. Crazy, huh. This girl, in the pink corduroy suit acting extra in front of a flash lit marble staircase in one of the most fancy of hotels in London, she feels that, too. One of the best things about my job is having the freedom to role play, while still being true to myself. To show my readers a creative vision and aesthetic that is inspirational to add a little extra something to the everyday. But always, I found, there is so much important for the extraordinary to live alongside the ordinary hand in hand. I like that way of seeing things. And it’s helped me keep my head up ever since. 


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Red. Check.

February 5, 2018


YSL dress from The Real Real

Sometimes a dress and a red lip are all you need. Already I’m sneaking in spring dresses into the mix. The red on my lips is Desert Rose by Clé de Peau, by the way. My current favorite earthy red. 


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