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Fendi During Milan Fashion Week

October 23, 2017


Fendi dress, purse and sunglasses
Marskinryyppy shoes

And finally, the reason why Natalie and I were in Milan last month. FENDI. We got to go backstage and take over the Fendi Instagram account for the day. And best of all, we got to be decked out from head to toe in a beautiful Fendi outfit. What I love most about Fendi’s aesthetic is how it combines both elegance and strength all in one. The attention to detail with tailoring is fantastic. Every piece’s angles are exquisite. Every little seam. Every little pleat. It’s feminine take on menswear that is so refined in its art and so delicate in its beauty. It’s made for a powerful woman. And that feeling of wearing something like that, well, it feels like magic. My dress’ shoulder pad detailing was a significant part of this classic silhouette. It gave it a woman-in-charge factor that felt very right on the streets of Milan. The pleats in the front, bursting upwards like sunshine. The sporty cuffs gave this piece an edge. It could be worn with sneakers, but here I chose to to go with my fuchsia pumps after the show was over. A bold color for a bold dress.


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An Italian Affair

October 22, 2017


M Missoni dress
Lacoste coat from Spring
AGL shoes
Zero UV sunglasses

Knit metallics are kind of my thing this season. And no one does them better than the Italian do. M Missoni in particular. This little knit dress is as sweet as gelato; as sexy as what being in Italy feels like. Being in Milan inspired me to up my glam factor on the daily. Even in just the littlest way, like with a pair of bright white sunglasses. Fitting in? Why there is no such thing in Milan! The motto is standing out. I saw that in the way that the people of this city dressed, walked, gestured and spoke. Business men in suits had peeks of bare ankle. A colorful piece of fabric sticking out of their pockets. The women in sunglasses extra oversized. Drenched in rings and earrings and necklaces. There was always something extra there. Even the sky was bluer than I have ever seen. Just look at these photos. Nothing more blue. Milan was full of that extra glimmer that I promised myself that I would take home with me. To infuse into my everyday. So much of me is looking forward to hopefully spending next summer in Italy, road tripping along the coast. Getting bronzed and sun kissed. Leaving a little bit of my own glimmer and glam behind along every route and with every bite of pasta. Without the care of lipstick being on my teeth or tomato sauce on my shirt. I indeed had a bit of a love affair with this city and I see it extending far beyond it. I am by no means Italian, but the Italian way of life sure does mean something to me 🙂 


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How to Style Hobo Suede Like a City Girl

October 19, 2017


Hobo Sable fringed clutch
Hobo Eclipse bag


Suede is an essential. It has its place high up on the list of textures we love to wear year round. So when Hobo asked Natalie and I to style some of their new suede hide collection bags for not just new season, but for every season going forward, we were super excited. It felt perfect because suede was always a part of our style growing up on the west coast. It’s bohemian and earthy; suitable for the majority of the occasions we found ourselves in. Most of the time we were outdoors. With Hobo suede, we find ourselves carrying along with us every day that west coast spirit and state of mind. It’s hard for us to leave the house without a little bit of back home with us in some way. 


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Herbal Essences #EmbraceChange

October 17, 2017


There are so many things about being an adult that are both scary and beautiful. Some just scary, some just beautiful, but many end up being both at the same time. I just turned 30, and believe me, it took me some time to accept the changes that come with growing up. And especially the hard ones. The ones I fought hardest to get through are the ones I find are my luckiest experiences to go through. That’s exactly what Herbal Essences‘ latest campaign is all about. Embracing change and letting life in. 

When I was younger, I was a heavy dreamer with fantastic visions of the future that changed almost every second. And while in my dreams I was invincible and confident and spoke my mind, I found that when faced with reality, I held myself back. I wasn’t exactly the person I was in my head when I was asleep at night or daydreamed. There was something there that kept me from putting myself out there because I was afraid of failure, or unwanted attention or maybe something else that I still cannot explain today. All I knew was that my confidence was lacking, but I knew deep down, that I wanted more and that I was someday going to get to where I needed to be. For me, it just took some time.

Growing up I experienced bullying from a few male classmates. My features, my height, my ethnic background, these all became things that I was ashamed of about myself. My hair, long and straight, was always my reliable shield. Something to hide behind when I didn’t want to be seen. Or at least, it made me feel like I couldn’t be seen. I wanted to keep my hair long to hide the fact that I had scoliosis, But even then, my hair wasn’t something I loved, even though it helped protect me. I wished it was blonder. Wavier. Like what I saw on TV. 

It took me a while to come to terms with my body. It took years of comparing myself too much and scrutinizing my imperfections too harshly, before I could finally step outside of the perspective I thought others around me had of me. Once I stepped out of that, I slowly became more and more free. It was like a drawn out personal training session that I had to give myself on the daily. Creating my blog, expressing my feelings, showing my face to the world and being proud of what it represented . . . all of these things helped me. And finally, the hair on my head became less of a shield each day. Instead, it was just simply something that was a part of me that I appreciated purely for the fact that it was mine. Long and somewhere in the middle behind straight and slightly wavy. Always a little messy. Split ends here and there. Beautiful to some, maybe even plain to others, but to me it was just mine and that is all I needed to appreciate it. It felt good to no longer need a shield of hair to hide behind. It was my first step towards being courageous. I’m still on that path, and getting closer and closer every single day. Now you tell me . . . how do you #EmbraceChange and #LetLifeIn? What changes have you been through that made you who you are today? And how open are you what is to come next, especially when you have no idea what that may be? Take part and spread the word; share this VIDEO

** Sponsored by Herbal Essences and POPSUGAR

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