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Denim And Tweed

January 12, 2018


Veronica Beard jacket
Volcom t-shirt
A Gold E jeans
By Far boots
Vintage belt

These jeans were all I lived in when I was in Los Angeles last month. Relaxed fit. Straight leg yet still a little bit tapered to the right amount of sexiness. High-waisted. Raw denim. A Gold E really killed it with this pair, I have to see. Man, this pair of denim felt really good getting slightly baked in that Los Angeles sunshine. Right off Melrose to be exact. NYC has been full of snow, rainy and that icky in-between weather that makes one feel emotionally all over the place. Why can’t it just stay put for once? What’s going on outside makes me feel little bit lazy, but still there are so many things to do. My mind is full of lists. I’m waiting for my new camera lens to experiment with. A new year. A new lens. A new perspective. Little changes like this are big lights for me. Keeping my focus on these things, so I won’t let myself get too distracted by sunnier places. They’ll be there for me when I eventually get back to them. Like Asia next week! Until then . . . work, work, work!!


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Julianna Bass Dress

January 9, 2018


Julianna Bass dress
UNIQLO turtleneck
Cutler & Gross sunglasses
Christian Louboutin shoes
Hysteria by Happy Socks socks
The 2 Bandits earrings

A dress too gorgeous in my opinion to be hiding underneath a winter coat. If I were to put a ban on winter coats, I would do it for the sake of this dress. Delightfully party-esque, designed to be moved in, and strikingly classy. It’s the Long Black Dress that gives the Little Black Dress a run for its money. Color is my therapy. But black . . . black my darling is where my innermost aspirations find their foundations from. The air of mystery is the added bonus. And I’ve always been drawn to the mystery in the room. Just as much as I like to be the mystery itself. It depends on my mood. But, of course, color finds its way onto me someway, somehow. This time in the form of embellished Louboutins so unique they make my heart hurt. Paired with a funky sock, they are a pair of flats that know the meaning of standing out like a non-sore thumb. I love it when looks come together like this. A touch of this. A dab of that. A canvas of black with splashes of rainbow in not too obvious places. 


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A Uniform of Sorts

January 8, 2018


The Vetiver Collection blazer and pants
Calvin Klein bra
DVF purse
Sonix sunglasses
By Far boots

Happy Monday! Once again, sisters on a Southern California mountain in matching suits. What else is new? The suit look is definitely a Suarez Sister uniform of choice. We both even went for the Calvin Klein bra underneath. Great minds think a like. Are you sick of seeing us in suits yet? Well, too bad. I keep finding more and more ways to keep this look feeling fresh each time I wear it. We could totally get away as twins in these looks together. Could be a fun way of tricking people if we are ever in the mood. I’m excited for this week ahead. It’s one with more written on the calendar to make up for the lazier week I just came out of. But it was good that I let holiday mode kick in a bit longer, because I expect 2018 to be busier than ever. I’m kicking this year off with a trip to Southeast Asia with my parents next week (Malaysia and Thailand), so look forward to colorful travel diaries on here soon! Those are my favorite kinds of posts. Anything to kick start the wanderlust in you all. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a long flight, and I think a place far from home is just the inspiration I need to get things going in the right direction this year. And the more family time I have, the better I feel. There’s something with growing up that makes me want to make that bond tighter and tighter. Travels, family bonding time, more suits. What else is in store for 2018? 

Hope you all have beautiful days!


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Winter in New York City

January 6, 2018


Liesangbong coats
& Other Stories sweater
Reformation cords
Brixton beret
Mulberry purse

Winter in NYC has me sleeping in later. Staying up late reading books and watching movies. More time indoors at the gym. More time alone writing and contemplating surrounded by candles. I’ve been living ungracefully under coats. My hair is always undone and hiding under a beanie or beret. Home has become my sacred place this winter. Lost in stories and movies. I become so inward and nostalgic during the winter. My introvert comes out. But I feel totally at ease with that. Time for me feels slower in the winter. Usually it’s the other way around. It’s because I like the time it gives me to keep for myself. And it’s not a lonely feeling. It’s a feeling of self love that winter gives me. To take time to make myself feel healthy and warm and mentally stimulated when it is physically so, so cold out. It’s a winter blues but it’s a light and bright winter blue. The color of the blue that the sky is on a sunny winter day. How do you feel about winter? Do you share the same thoughts? 


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