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January 3, 2018


Featuring the Cline Dining Table with Marble top and the Belmont Coffee Table from SIXPENNY

It’s been almost 5 months since I’ve moved the home I own in Brooklyn. My first place that I could really call mine, and that made it special. It took me awhile to get it all together, and it is still currently a work in progress, but I have come a long way since my first month in my place when it was full of unpacked boxes and bags. I have dug through everything I owned and donated a lot of what I felt I didn’t need. It felt refreshing to give things away. I like the idea of having more clean, open space in my home. It makes me feel less stressed and more inspired. That was exactly the idea as I started to look for furniture and little pieces to add finishing touches with. I still feel like there is a lot to do. Change my curtains. Switch out the rug. Maybe a new couch in a few months. Move my electronic piano. Find a chair to complement the living room. My bedroom is just finally coming together. And I still need to hang up all my prints,. I just need to decide on which wall. Decision, decisions.

But what really helped my place come together were two really great, quality pieces from SIXPENNY. My dining area was used as a storage corner until I found this used white washed armoire to store all my extra things that I decided to keep. I already had tall white chairs around my kitchen area, so I thought keeping a white theme with the furniture would be cool. This Cline Dining Table with Marble Top from SIXPENNY was perfect. And it’s round shape added just the retro flair I wanted. I got four more chairs to match the ones surrounding my kitchen, but with darker wood legs to match the dining table. Some vases in the corner, and a serving plate in the middle of the dining table was all else I felt I needed. Clean and simple. 

For my living room, I kept my yellow velvet couch from my old apartment. It’s still in great condition and I love the color pop it adds. My current rug is an old one I had from my bedroom in my last place. I think I want to go darker (maybe burgundy or hues of deep green and blue) for my next rug in the living room, but this pink one will do for now. The metal side table and lamp were pieces I found in my building lobby, leftover from someone moving out. I snatched them up and they worked perfectly right near the couch. All that was missing was a coffee table. Since my sideboard was dark brown wood, I felt that I needed a dark coffee table to balance out the other light colors of my living room.  The Belmont Coffee Table from SIXPENNY felt just right! Simple and modest, I can see it fitting in even if I decide to change my couch and rug in the future. It’s classic! 

These two rooms were the first I focused on when I moved in, and I am happy with my space as it is right now. Next is getting my bedroom decor finished, and working on creating a work space behind my couch. I haven’t had time to think about that during the holidays, but soon I’ll be back at it! It’s a new year, and there are so many things I want to do to make my place feel like a real home. But one step at a time is the best way to do it.

Thank you SIXPENNY for the dining table and coffee table. My home feels so in tune with my aesthetic because of them. 



A Home of Inspiration

July 31, 2017


Tommy Hilfiger dress
Dear Frances shoes

Nothing like home sweet home. A place to rest my head at night, after a long train ride home. Soon I will be saying goodbye to a place that has been my home sweet home for three years. For me, that place is Bushwick. A size heavy apartment that made up for the fact that it had thin walls, a creaky staircase and a broken stove (that my landlord took two years to fix). I’ll miss the epic bakery and deli right next door, literally attached to my building. I’ll miss my favorite burger spot, AP Cafe, right off the Jefferson stop. I’ll even miss the gritty corners and every other imperfect corner of my stop. And yes, I think I will miss that heavy sigh of relief after finally getting home after a longer than normal commute home at night. Because no matter what, no matter where, home feels like home when you are finally tucked in bed at night. Excited to make a new home soon . . . a real home, and in a more adult state of mind. I will always be thankful for my time in Bushwick, a significant part of my NYC process and growth. I wouldn’t be the same without the extra long subway rides (especially when the L was malfunctioning), Spanish music blasting from the 24 hour delis and the Chinese laundryman who folded my clothes oh so perfectly. Bushwick, in it’s own little way, was a part of my NYC hustle. And I hustled my entire way through (that’s the non glamorous side you don’t often see of my life). That subway sweat and tired feet, not matter what, felt worth it at the end of the day. I still subwayed my way home and didn’t complain an ounce, because I got to wake up going to a job that I loved and truly cared about.That’s the real NYC. I love you, and I know I’ll visit you again Bushwick. 

It was perfect timing that I got to spend an afternoon at Jonathan Adler and Simon Donnan’s Shelter Island home for a summer brunch to celebrate his collaboration with Clinique. Man, did his home blow me away with its 70’s-modern aesthetic that very much reminded me of a summer house in Venice, California. It’s tones were warm and rustic, and every piece of furniture had a distinct shape to it. I felt like I was walking into a very chic playhouse. Certain pieces oversized in cartoonish ways. Others subtle and slight. It was an array of texture play and color coordinating that made me feel so at home. It’s a house one would never be bored living in. And the ocean right in the backyard. The view of the home from the back was very zen feeling, minimal and rectangular. Japanese in a way that felt complementary to the peaceful and simple Shelter Island lifestyle. I left the island with fresh perspective on home decor. This home is a true example that there are no limits when it comes to creating the space you live in. I felt inspired to take bits of Jonathan Adler’s home to apply to my own that I will be creating very, very soon. 

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