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Girl Crush // Natalie Portman

December 1, 2013

A little bit of Sunday inspiration for ya’ll. One of my favorite actresses and classic beauties, Natalie Portman. Such a cool 90s kid, this one. I was randomly looking up inspiration imagery from the 90s at work one day, and came across multiple images of this talent when she was just getting started in the industry. Gotta love that raw, intense Natalie Portman stare mixed with some minimalistic grunge era style. Just turned on some Bitter Sweet Symphony right now to go with the vibe. 

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!

November 28, 2013

I feel like I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write a really thoughtful blog post in awhile, and since today is Thanksgiving and I feel at least a tiny bit more revived after my 12 hour affair with my bed (which I still currently am in), I thought that today would be fitting. HAPPY THANKSGIVING all you wonderful people, my new readers and the ones who have been with me since . . . wow, 2009?? Back when Color Me Nana was just a random idea put out there from a girl straight out of college and living in the valley, trying to figure out what path her life was supposed to go in. That path is still being figured out, but things have gone a far way from where they started that’s for sure. And although my Thanksgiving will be as chill as can be, away from home and family for the first time ever,  and possibly wrapped up with Chinese food and a date with Netflix with some people still in town, I want to wish you all who celebrate it a very, very magical one and for it to be spent with the ones you love and who make everything around you special, even during the lower parts. I’ve come to realize that Thanksgiving is more than just a day to celebrate the country we live in and the history of it. It’s a concept that we should be embracing each and every day of our lives. And not just in America, but in every single part of the world that you all live in. Thanksgiving is a mentality, a way of life, an endless appreciation of everything we have come to experience, discover and look forward to making a part of our lives. We all make a huge point of giving thanks specifically on a day just like today, but why isn’t it something we call out and work harder to remind ourselves even more so on the regular? Just in the past nearly 5 months of my life, I’ve had an endless amount of new experiences that have been everything from super subtle to super mind-blowing amazing and a bunch if things in-between that have made me be like wow, life really is freaking rad man. I’m so happy to be here, to work for the company I work for, to be able to see my family on the west coast as much as I can, to work and be friends with inspiring, creative people, to take on projects that some people only dream about . . . to drink that bad-ass beer in the new bar that opened up down the street, to eat In n’ Out in Cali with my family just a few days ago, to take a walk in Central Park in the midst of its best autumn dress, to discover that one song and listen to it on repeat each morning on the subway and to just get into that zone where I feel completely at ease with everything around me (including the elbows in my face), to catch up with friends that I haven’t seen in the longest time. The little things in life really are spectacular enough that they deserve to be blown up to magnificent proportions even on the most simple of days. My family, my friends, the the new city I live in, my home, my work, the places I’ve been to, the places I know I’m going to visit soon, the people who read my blog and are inspired by it, my camera, my love of creativity, my freaking wardrobe! (haha), the sun, the moon, the sky above our heads, food, music. Yes, I know this is super duper cheesy, but I do cheesy like no one else, and I’m proud of it. Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll, and a happy reminder to appreciate the little and big things in your life each and every single day. xo

That Chill 90s Vibe Yo

November 15, 2013

The 90s really was everything. The music spoke of youthful rebellion. Funny fitting jeans and embraced androgyny. Bare faces and alternative apparel. I remember when I was just a kid in the late 90s, looking up to my older peers and the teenagers of my local neighborhood in the suburban valley outside of Los Angeles. I learned so much from cable tv and the Internet, two defining factors of media during this decade. News spread faster and music became more visible. MTV. The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The first rock band that I really jammed to, even though I had on idea what they were really singing about. All I knew was that I liked that long haired, brown haired guy who didn’t wear a shirt a lot and liked to jump around. Oh man, Saved By The Bell.  Oh Zack Morris how I loved you in those high-waisted mom-ish jeans 🙂 WAYNE’S WORLD. I’m not worthy. Seriously. Really, if you know me, you know how much the 90s have rubbed off of me. I reference it at least 20 times a day. I love the 90s. 
**All images found off Pinterest

Dream To Be A Drifter

October 31, 2013

Late night thoughts. Going to be a drifter and a dreamer tonight. You can be sure about that. These pictures make me think wild thoughts. Halloween tomorrow. Going to be busting out my best Cher from Clueless outfit and dancing the night away. I already feel like I’ve been celebrating all week, but I’ll give it a go one more night. Who else is celebrating?
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